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ACC Ministers deny responsibility for Corporation persecuting claimants

After being told by Nikki Kaye’s office and the Speakers office that a police complaint is all I can do about ministers lying about professional care for abuse victims and mentally ill – that is just what I did.

Sent: Friday, 10 June 2016 2:13 p.m.
To: SUTTON, Michael
Subject: Complaint of harm by ACC under Sections 150A 151 155 and 157 of Crimes Act

This is yet another formal police complaint against ACC, Sarah Jones and others? who have again refused to accommodate impairments related to my disability and refused me access to health care – this time the counsellor.  I have the support of the counsellor but she is unable to do anything to stop it.

I just phoned the Minister for ACC’s office and was put through to the Associate Minister (Goldsmiths) office, there I was told by DAVE Goldsmith is the person to contact about individual cases of ACC illegally denying care and yet because ACC is a crown entity that the minister cannot get involved.  I was told to make a complaint to the police, which this is and of course you know I have made several complaints but been ignored.

I don’t understand why police and ACC ministers refuse to provide abused men women and children the treatment care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under NZ law.  They are harming disabled people and those with the power to act are refusing to.

I don’t understand why the police are allowing the government to deny people like me health care we are entitled to and when people commit suicide and harm those around them the police take no action against these immoral corrupt criminally negligent people.

Just making sure police are formally notified so when I finally do get justice I can prove you did nothing while people were dying and the government were purposely denying health care they were legally required to provide.

God please help me, I don’t want to live if I can’t work and I don’t want to live knowing the police don’t uphold the law if the people who are breaking it are the government ie ACC and others.



Spent 5 hrs police cells under mental health act for protesting at Police HQ New Zealand

Could someone outside New Zealand PLEASE DO SOMETHING – people in power here are completely fkd and very very good at hiding it.  Seems only when international media etc get hold of a story that they actually do something!  This just tip of the iceberg, 20 police ‘welfare’ visits to my home in past six months, am having nightmares – please someone make them stop.  All I am doing is begging for the health care and justice I am entitled to, then these people phone the police to intimidate me but do nothing to reinstate the health care I’m supposed to be receiving BY LAW.

Sent: Thursday, 12 May 2016 8:36 a.m.
To: tusha.penny@police.govt.nz
Subject: Fw: Formal complaint about being detained under mental health act as a form of intimidation


Of course you know this was partly to do with you ignoring me Tusha – I WANT A VOICE – I NEED A VOICE – what I know and what is happening to me is based on science and current legislation, I am an expert in this field – the longer I am censored and not heard the angrier I get and more intense my protests will become.


The current NZ Herald campaign is infuriating me, it is such a bunch of rhetoric, so much opinionated misinformation and lies.


I want some sort of investigation into what happened and who this person was telling police to detain me under mental health act for my justified protest.  Our society cannot keep suppressing the truth about how NZ government actions over the past 30 years have fuelled this culture of violence – how unprofessional inadequate mental health services and people forced to live in inhuman conditions so stressed to breaking create this violence.  Also addiction and suicide – as I am sure you know.


Seeing Mike Bush in the campaign photo for #betterthanthis made me want to be sick – of course we’re not better than this, we are this and successive governments have created it -but take no responsibility for it and dump blame on their victims.


People like that security officer are unable to accept the rage, distress, accountability and FACTS I challenge those in authority with – they like to pretend everything is great in New Zealand and people like me don’t exist.  It is imperative I do what I do according to the Milgram Experiment and even my new lawyer who said people like me are essential in a civilized society.


Please be aware I am petrified scared of mental health services, much more than any organisation, I have been treated so badly by them and lies spread in the community by the mental health team.  I have been denied care at some of my most desperate moments and didn’t react well to them in the cells either.  Awesome that the supervising officer (in black) allowed me to speak freely, I told them exactly what I thought of mental health services.  Advised them they were getting the result of years of hatred and psychological torture by other mental health workers, also my rage at what they were doing to me and so many others.  Sometimes I think these officers are thinking to themselves how much they wish they could say the same things I do.





Sent: Thursday, 12 May 2016 8:20 a.m.
To: enquiries@ipca.govt.nz
Subject: Formal complaint about being detained under mental health act as a form of intimidation

Dear Sir/Madam,


Yesterday I was detained in the cells for 5 hours under the mental health act – Section 109 it was referred to repeatedly by officers.  I treat having my freedom taken from me seriously and so does the law.


This was as a result of a protest I was doing at Police Headquarters in Wellington about corruption, rich vs poor, magna carta violations, medical neglect, psychological torture, criminal negligence and abuse in ACC and mental health services against disabled mentally injured abuse victims and mentally ill people.  This is the topic I protest about on an regular basis, this is what I am an expert in, this is what I am subjected to and this is what most know is the reality of our appalling ACC and mental health system.


I don’t deny I ‘LOST IT’ and couldn’t stop swearing (I now have a tourettes type disorder) so should have been taken away from the scene.  This is an informal agreement I have with the police when I am so angry about what is happening to me and what is happening to people I know.  This particular event was triggered by yet another police visit to my home – number 20 I think it is now, threatening action for begging for police to help me and act on my complaints of harm by ACC and mental health under sections 150A 151 155 and 157 of the Crimes Act – while at the same time dragging me through court for a minor charge of screaming at ACC for help.  Also the current NZ Herald misleading government propaganda marketing campaign about violence in our society.


What should have happened is I should have been arrested for disorderly behaviour, spent 2 hours in the cells and released with a pre-charge warning, when I had calmed down a bit.  Instead what happened was a person at the scene who said he was a diplomatic security officer instructed the police officer to have me detained under Section 109 – mental health act, the officer did as he was told.  This man had only minutes previously been insulting me and ‘winding me up’ even more with his sarcasm.  I objected to his vindictive insulting suggestion and act of serious intimidation under Bill of Rights but was ignored.  I want this matter investigated and this security guard sacked for his appalling behaviour.


Where did this man get his authority over police?  Is this another example of a rich person getting superior rights to a poor person, which is against Westminster law?  It is certainly another act of intimidation for my justified angry protests about what is happening to me and so many other disabled abuse victims in our cruel corrupt society.  Threatening someone who is protesting with being ‘locked up’ and drugged up under the mental health act is an extremely intimidating act.


There was a struggle with the police officer at Police Headquarters and this security man, which has covered me in bruises, was traumatising and did not need to happen, when I am arrested I go peacefully with any officer, I know the process and I expect it to be followed.  I have this issue with laws not being followed by people in authority when I am expected to follow them.


I am a civil society actor with a disability I know the process so well now that I know what happened during this arrest was not right and not legal.  After I was arrested/detained I was compliant with officers, was not handcuffed, did not swear but was repeatedly objected to what was happening under Bill of Rights, Human Civil and Political Rights.


The CATT team /mental health came and went as I knew they would.  When I was being released I was told what a pleasure it is to deal with me.  Police, other than this security person were awesome, as almost all of them are – why wouldn’t they be, they agree with what I’m protesting about, they’re dealing with mentally ill people who cannot get services every day – like the woman in the cell beside me.


I look forward to your investigation and action on this complaint.








Justice for poor people in New Zealand – YEAH RIGHT!

Just saw this on Law Society twitter feed by Justice Winkelmann   http://www.lawsociety.org.nz/lawtalk/issue-878/mind-the-gap-closing-the-justice-gap

Was wondering why I hadn’t heard from the courts about this letter I wrote to them on 13 November, a real legal dilemma for them I’m sure.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I recently requested a transcript of my court appearance on 5 November 2015 and a copy of the CCTV footage of my time in court under the Privacy Act.  I was refused this information on the grounds the Court is not bound by Privacy laws – which isn’t strictly true.

Mr Huston advised me I should write to the court and get a judge to release the information I am requesting.  However Mr Huston did not know if the CCTV footage had been stored and was available.

Can a judge please ensure the release of the transcript of my court appearance between 10am and 10.30am and if the CCTV footage is available a copy of that, from when I first arrived in the court room at around 9.45am.  I require this information to form part of my complaint to the United Nations as a disabled Civil Society Actor.  To prove I am being persecuted and traumatised for my legal protests regarding abusive mental health services, human rights violations against disabled mentally injured and ill people, inequality, injustice and poverty.

If the CCTV footage is not recoverable could the judge please ask three people who witnessed me in court to write statements as to my dysfunctional behaviour prior and during the court appearance.  The crying, nervous ticking, self-harming, rocking backwards and forwards and obvious distress I was in.  This is a very severe psychological reaction to a stressful situation and having to represent myself in court – as I cannot afford legal aid (already paying $10/wk) while living on invalids benefit.

There was a woman who sat beside me at one point prior to my appearance, I think she was from mental health services, could she please make a statement, also a lawyer who I have met before (but do not recall her name) spoke for me when I couldn’t or didn’t know what to do and one other person of your choosing.

Also I am at a loss to understand why this prosecution is proceeding when my previous acquittals for wilful trespass should direct police action?  I have already been acquitted of a charge of wilful trespass of ACC and my protest was far more challenging because I covered myself in fake blood, was singing and telling them how badly I was being treated.  I have an audio recording of this protest and my arrest – which was very traumatic due to the pain of handcuffs.  During the last protest I am being prosecuted for I took a painting of mine and two signs and sat quietly in the corner of their reception area – that is what the judgements by Judges Kos and Tuohy said I could do.  I was also handcuffed and forced to walk past a lot of people on the street – who would of course have assumed I was a criminal – when I was not – this was humiliating.

I would also ask that this matter come before the court prior to Xmas and be dismissed, so I don’t have this stress hanging over my head during this time – as I am not expecting it to be easy considering the serious ill-health, poverty, family dysfunction and isolation I am currently living with.

My health professionals will confirm my life-threatening ill health and inability to access services – Please contact Dr Alan Doris at Manaaki Health Centre in Auckland and Jenny Kirby Counsellor in Masterton.  My poor mental health is another significant reason to have this case dismissed.

Of course I intend to continue my protests, challenging society and those in authority about what is happening to me and so many other disabled mentally injured and ill people.  Can the judge also direct the Police NOT TO arrest and charge me with my legal protests in the future.

In previous discussions with police we have an agreement that if I am swearing when at a protest I should be taken out of the situation because something upsetting would have happened (eg my flatmate attempted suicide or I was forced to move again) and I was reacting badly due to aspects of my disorder.  If I was not swearing then they were to leave me there.  On many other occasions I do occupations like this I am not charged with wilful trespass, please check my police file for all the other protests this year, why this time.

I have compounding Complex PTSD, so trauma on top of trauma makes my disorder much worse.  The only reason I was so distressed on 5 November was because of all the other stresses in my life, things like no safe stable home, not enough money to live, being discriminated against and ostracized by my community, not working and being despised by my family and most of my community for it.  Not having my 12 hrs per week ACC rehabilitation plan reinstated after it was illegally removed six years ago – I have won two reviews and not being able to access public mental health services.

I desperately need a lawyer, not just for these criminal charges but to protect me from further persecution and intimidation by the authorities as well as being defrauded of my health care and welfare entitlements through ACC, mental health and MSD.  It is ACC and others who have driven me mad. I am a normal person suffering under inhuman living conditions, I am the responsibility of the government but instead of helping me, they are harming me.  I can’t make them stop, only a lawyer can do that, the distress trying to represent myself causes is too much when I have serious problems going on in my life and my basic psycho-social and physical needs are not being met.  I have been unable to get a lawyer for years, I cannot phone any more as I become highly suicidal and self-harm.  Protesting like I do helps me cope, persecuting me through the court system for doing it is cruel, criminal and immoral.

I would also like to apologise to Judge Ruth for flipping out, however if he knew my situation he would understand.  I have developed a tourettes type disorder, my psychiatrist will confirm and sometimes I cannot stop myself from swearing if I am extremely distressed and angry – which is often.  These words are the language of my culture, when you are suffering abuse and injustice you are allowed to swear at, or about, the people who are doing it to you.

Another reason I felt little respect for the judicial process is I have finally accepted that it was the judiciary who ensured the discrimination and persecution of thousands of disabled mentally injured and ill people.  They knew cutting housing (shutting down facilities) and driving people into the community would cause harm, they watched it happen and then started prosecuting these poor disabled people through the justice system.  How could a civil society allow the discrimination and persecution of a whole disabled sector?  People who have behavioural issues due to psychological injury or illness cannot be held accountable for their actions – it is absurd even to suggest it.  An analogy would be people with heart conditions are responsible if their hearts stop.  The analogy with regard to health care for a heart patient compared to a psych patient would be the heart surgeon giving you painkillers, refusing to operate, sticking a needle into the heart repeatedly just to see if it is still unwell and then telling you there is no funding for the care you need to recover.

I am not sure if this is the right email address to send this request, can I please have confirmation my letter has been received and is being looked at by a judge?

Thank you.


Civil Society Actor

John Miller Law – poem

64.  John Miller Law

I know what you did
And I know what you said
Degraded someone with no money
Someone who’d rather be dead

John Miller to the rescue
But victims only please
Another maggot in the system
Feeding ego, charging fees

When making a complaint
To the only lawyer in town
Just wanting rehab and care
Though before you’d been let down

John Miller he said
We did nothing wrong
Didn’t let you down
Didn’t take that long

Yes you did Mr Miller
As I tell you repeated
Who else can I get then
Where I won’t be mistreated

Phil Schmidt is your man
There are no others I know
So I phoned Mr Schmidt
Who then degraded me so

What is your story
Oh that is so sad
No I don’t do legal aid
Charity – are you mad

John Miller knows this
I’m surprised you were sent
Now stop making me feel bad
Only those with money I represent

John Miller Law
It’s the kind you don’t want
They’ll just victimize degrade you
Represent you they won’t

There is no justice
For the traumatized and hurt
And as a result
Things get worse, nothing’s learnt

Another poem this is
Expressing the hell that we live
Those fighting for the care
ACC’s supposed to give


Email and open letter to ACC – returning to Victoria University

Email to ACC Complaints

I’ve started back at University – what I was doing before I was raped 13 years ago – I can’t do law because my memory is to affected by my disorder and the years of degradation neglect and abuse I have suffered at the hands of ACC.

I love it, only doing two papers, economics and databases – I want to be an ICT business and systems analyst, like Stephen Joyce suggested on the app.

It has been a huge challenge, overcoming panic attacks and other things but every time I go to a class I get more and more excited.  Learning economics, even when I don’t agree with what they are teaching is amazing and information systems business analysis has got the whole left side of my brain tingling.  Because people under constant stress, with traumatised brains have high blood flow to the right brain (creative side) using my left brain is going to be good for me I know it.

University learning support have been great, where disability services and my economics lecturers have been degrading and discouraging.  It is just amazing to be learning again and participating in society – I’m getting used to all the people, great to have the chill out room for disabled students, have had to use it a few times to lay down and relax before I ended up cutting myself.

Sad thing is I can only go for the next 8 weeks, won’t have any money after that – don’t know what I am going to do but praying for a miracle.  Isn’t it sad that ACC have always refused to help me return to school as required under the ACC laws, isn’t sad Paula Bennett and the National government stopped Training Incentive Allowance or I would be able to do it.  Isn’t it sad ACC choose to not reinstate my care or provide me the services and support I need to access professional treatment care and rehabilitation.

Isn’t it sad I will fail through no fault of my own.

Did you see my chalking outside your building yesterday, did they tell you I was really angry after what has been happening with my appauling mental health and being bullied repeatedly by police.

At the moment I am able to mostly hold it together on the days I’m at Uni but on other days not – that’s how mental health works.  You can keep your pain dysfunction and suffering pushed down for a while but it bubbles up again – usually in a more toxic and violent way – of course this is what you disgusting immoral ignorant corrupt bigots want isn’t it – more chance the police will arrest me and I will be locked up.  You must be also hoping I will kill myself soon, I’m sure you’re wondering how someone so unwell is still alive with all you’ve tried to drive me to suicide and violence.

Did you see my chalking on the National Library   ACC ARE WORSE THAN RAPISTS.  Or what about my comments about our cruel corrupt neo-liberal NAZI Auditor General on their building.

I tried of course to move back to the city last year but ended up in very dangerous living situations so moved back to the Wairarapa around people and places I knew.  The main reason I won’t be able to continue are the train costs.  You people are truly sick, I do everything I can to heal from my mental injury and you do everything you can to stop me getting the treatment care rehabilitation and justice I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human rights and bill of rights laws so I can heal and carry on with my life.

Of course once I fail these courses (I might be able to do the databases one because most of it is online) then I will never get another student loan to study.  Sick sick sick, you people disgust me and I hope you all have something really bad happen to you.  Wonder how many other intelligent abuse victims you are persecuting and illegally denying care to in this hell hole country.  From what I hear from international news agencies I am in contact with there are hundreds of us begging for help outside our own country – which will all know is corrupt.

You must feel pleased with yourselves that you have stopped me from getting the Independence Allowance I am entitled to for the past five years, you know when you took it off me in 2009, when you took everything away illegal and attempted to kill me.  Isn’t it a shame you refuse to pay me compensation I asked for over having my personal information exposed in the Bronwyn Pullar affair.  Isn’t it a shame I can’t get an advocate or a lawyer to protect and represent me like the laws say I should have.  If I had that money I could go to University.
Lets see if I can get a judge to help me, got to get working on those judicial reviews, have been too unwell, but this is worth fighting for.  No judge is going to like what I have to say.


Wherefore Art Thou ACC – rapped to I’m A Soldier – EMINEM

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC

No matter how you phrase it the law tells me the rules
It’s meant for my interpretation you bureaucratic fools
The times I’ve used the law before I haven’t need help
But now I am incapable of fighting for myself

Don’t tell me I am wrong I’ve read it in the act
How ACC are their for us why do you ignore that fact
You come and clean my toilet to get me on my feet
But when I ask for help with parenting you tell me not to bleat

No matter how far down the cliff I’ve gone I’m never far enough
Until I lose my sanity things gunna be real tough
I want to scream it in your face I tried with mental health
But I know you just won’t listen because I have no wealth

I am a body and a mind no more important than the other
I don’t deserve this treatment it just keeps me in the gutter
Cause I had no status in your eyes cause I was just a student
Its a case of human rights abuse to you its fiscally prudent

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC

And as I sing this rap I feel better about myself
I’m not a wasted loser just a product of ignorance
I don’t have cuts and bruises legs not severed at the thigh
And I never got the help I needed keep on asking why

The blood pools all around me drips from every piece of art
What does a person do with such a badly broken heart
Every time I ask for help it gets increasingly harder
Rejection’s like a hunters knife giving deep wounds to my mana

I’m filled with toxic shame a festering type of wound
But all you wanna give me are drugs to change my mood
It seems so obvious to me what needs to be done
Treat the mentally injured the same as anyone

Ignore me at your peril I’m not about to go away
I will demand that you obey the law
And stop – this – twisted – game you play

Wherefore art thou ACC
Wherefore art thou ACC



Stay Stay Away – song dedicated to Wairarapa Police

Stay Stay Away

My voice shatters the silence
This shit I’m in is grave
If only you had listened
If only you’d stayed away

But you jumped in your car
And you sped it this way
If only you had listened
Wouldn’t be singing in the cells today

(stay, stay away)

As I sat there and I waited
Police could see the tears on my face
Of your time and my honour
It’s such as bloody waste

Cause you jumped in your car
And sped it my way
If only you had listened
Wouldn’t be singing this song today

My voice cuts through the silence
As you drove me home today
Wish you your tazer gone for good
With my life you would not play

You just jumped in your car
And sped it away
To me you’ll finally listen
And away you then will stay

(stay, stay away)


Awesome – love it – can’t wait to sing it outside the police station in next couple of days. They needn’t think I’m gunna sit back and just accept this treatment.



Email to NZ Law Society asking for a lawyer

This is to the Council Board and Executive of the Law Society who just had me prosecuted for wilful trespass of the Law Society in Wellington when I went there and refused to leave until I got a lawyer.  I still don’t have a lawyer.

I made a complaint about the last one when communication broke down – you believed DV and not me – surprise, surprise.  So here is my dilemma at the moment and hopefully you will see why I need a lawyer.  Please be assured I have phoned every lawyer in NZ and they have either not phoned me back, said they are not qualified to take my case or they don’t have time.  I can’t work out how you make a complaint about that?  I phoned Chen Palmer and said I would pay for two hours of advice and was refused – can they do that?

Three weeks ago I was supposed to have a mediation meeting with ACC.  This had been instigated by me contacting police commissioner Mike Bush about my situation and needing security services if I was going to meet with ACC to discuss the reinstatement of all my services.  Considering how many times police are called to either my home or my angry protests it is worth police time to try and resolve the issues I have.  The police became involved and we were to meet at Lower Hutt police station, me, two officers I was supposed to have met previous, ACC and Fairway.  A few days before the meeting ACC said they refused to have the meeting recorded – which I made clear was going to happen from the beginning of trying to organise this meeting.  The officer who had taken over my case then refused to meet with me prior to the meeting or have a female officer present so I pulled out on the Wednesday.  It had taken months to get that far and I was devastated, ask Brad.

On Thursday the officer (Brad Allen) text me and said ACC had pulled out of the meeting because they believed I was going to self-harm.  I do not know where they got this information – perhaps the Fairway person, who I have made a complaint about also.  The system has gone completely mad and the more complaints I make the more I am discredited?  Nobody likes a whistleblower in New Zealand.

The reason I refuse to see any health professional ACC or anybody like that without it being recorded is because I have been lied to, insulted, degraded, discriminated against and then when I have made complaints not believed.  Also I have a stress disorder and in stressful situations I will never remember much of the detail of what is said – as I cannot get an advocate or a lawyer to help or represent me then I have to have it recorded to ensure what is said and agreed to.  This is an impairment related to my disability and under the law, must be accommodated.

When Brad Allen told me ACC refused to have the meeting recorded I told him, he was the police and he should tell ACC they had to.  I have been unable to contact Brad and he hasn’t responded to emails or texts since the meeting was cancelled.

So ACC are saying they refuse to meet with me to arrange the reinstatement of 12 hours/week treatment care and rehabilitation because I am too unwell.  While public mental health services refuse me all services because they refuse to pay for security services and I cannot meet with them without it or I could flip out.  This is an impairment related to my stress disorder and therefore should be accommodated as required under law.

ACC and mental health have been refusing to provide security services for about four years.  It wasn’t until my recent criminal charges of wilful trespass that I was able to get a judge to ORDER mental health services to provide security so I could meet with psychiatrists to be assessed.  Although these reports said I was very unwell I still have no services.

I have had an HDC advocate from Nationwide HDS trying to get me services from public mental health for four years, they refused to accommodate my impairment and nothing more was done – I receive nothing (I have had two flatmates attempt suicide in past 18 months, I have had to move four times in one year).  I made complaints to HDC and did protests but was ignored.  I also made complaints to Human Rights Commission and Tribunal and was ignored – apparently some of the people I am complaining about have said I have a personality disorder and should not be believed.  I have a recent psychiatric report that says I am intelligent, do not have a personality disorder and am not delusional – still no services.

I had the police turn up here a couple of hours ago after my previous lawyer Michael Bott phoned them saying he was concerned for my welfare.  That was after I was so upset on the phone yesterday, when I begged him for a lawyer to fight ACC and mental health for my care and a case of criminal negligence.  The only people who ever call the police on me are people I am begging for help from – when there is no help because most of it was shut down.

In my case it was illegally taken off me in 2009 against all my health providers advice after a change of government but not a change of ACC law.  There is also another aspect to my case regarding my refusal to take psychotropic drugs for spiritual and ethical reasons.  Although nobody will talk about it – it was one of the reasons I had the type of rehabilitation plan I did in 2009 and one of the things ACC and mental health refuse to address.  Just because I refuse medication doesn’t mean I GET NOTHING.  Under Human Rights law manifestation of my beliefs should be accommodated if possible.

I am very unwell with ongoing suicidal ideology, bulimia, anxiety, agrophobia has started recently, unable to run my life, it is cruel what they are doing to me and it is cruel what the justice system and the Law Society are doing to me.  I’m 49 years old and the only criminal conviction I have is for wilful trespass of the Law Society because I refused to leave and caused a scene because I couldn’t get a lawyer.  So now DV isn’t going to be my lawyer because you don’t have a person who calls you a liar representing you WHO IS GOING TO BE MY LAWYER against ACC, mental health and NZ govt.

By not providing me the health care and justice the NZ govt are required to under ACC, disability, health, human rights and bill of rights laws they are harming me and therefore committing a criminal offence.  I can prove this, I need a lawyer – not just an ACC lawyer a human rights lawyer – what has happened to me is a direct result of political corruption.

Not able to get a lawyer 800 years after the Magna Carter was signed and we were all guaranteed legal representation for disputes and all to be equal before the law.  Currently the government are only upholding the laws that suit their cruel immoral corrupt neo-liberal political aims, not the laws that protect the most vulnerable or follow medical models of health care.

Please advise me where I get a lawyer or legal advice to do something through the courts myself.  If I don’t get care I will never work, I will never have anything, I don’t want to live, my family are ashamed of me, I have few friends because I’m scared all the time.  You have to help me, please I am begging you.


Dear Diary – WTF – JR Murphy

Where to start, was talking with friends about what’s happening with all my protests at the moment, how I could write a book about the hypocrisy and red tape war – bit to fragile for that – but need to start keeping a diary again.  Some of the phone calls I have you wouldn’t believe.

Interesting things that are happening are my complaint about the Dominion Post not providing a balanced view on coverage of the Ashburton killings is going through the Press Council.  Bernadette Courtney wrote a vicious letter refuting what I was saying and trashing me.  Didn’t realise they despised me so much – A VICTORY, now I know how much I irritate them I’ll keep it up.  Until they treat me and my opinions/viewpoint with some respect and professionalism that is.

Interesting that the day after my complaint went to the Press Council some tosser ended up on facebook with a whole lot of biased information that I reakon has come through someone in the news media.  Personal health and justice information that I don’t share on the internet – so I made a complaint to police and going to find out who the revolting pig is related to.   I had predicted they would be vicious.  Of course this guy could have also got the information through ACC, WINZ, Ministry of Justice, Police, Ministry of Health, a politician, etc.  And that would mean a breach of my privacy, so I intend to follow that up seeing everybody makes a big deal of it.

I emailed the Press Council with my concerns this was some sort of media retaliation for making a complaint and hoped they would look into it as well.  I asked him who he had been speaking too and where he got his biased information, I tried to defend myself and explain his bullshit – no reply.  Then I got attacked by one of those bitches who are getting services and on the meds who love to insult me, call me names, discredit and refute what I’m saying.  Women – revolting creatures some of them are.

This is what Aaron Huston wrote – Yes I would put this JR Murphy on your ignore list.  They refuse to take their meds or be admitted.  JR Murphy has been charged for trespassing as well as having agencies file public nuisance claims against them.  Vandalism of public footpaths doesn’t help this fruit cake either.

Check out my facebook page and the thread where I criticize the government for being more concerned about sport than people’s lives and welfare.  /jrmurphypoetmusician .

My response to this arsehole is no I don’t take meds on spiritual and ethical grounds, that is my right under law, also I have never had a psychiatrist advise me to take medication and my doctor knows my beliefs and agrees with me.  Yes I refuse to be ADMITTED I am entitled to the 12 hours treatment care and rehabilitation in my home (and five health providers) that I was getting in 2009, then as agreed with my psychiatrist Alan Doris six weeks respite at a facility in Takaka, then home to same level as support, eventually withdrawing as I became well enough to support myself financially, emotionally and physically.  Not hard really – it was supposed to take 2 1/2 years – Nats got in and it was cut after six months – it almost killed me, I came so close to suicide so many times.

I am also refused access to public mental health because they refuse to provide security services and I refuse to meet with them without that in place.  Those people threaten me so much my stress disorder goes of the richter scale.  The judges get it, police get it I think but mental health and ACC don’t – WTF is that.

Yes I have been charged with trespass and appealed the charges, and after talking to Billy going to appeal them again based on crappy legal representation.   Aaron doesn’t say why I was trespassed and who the agencies were, I think people would be sympathetic to what I am doing if they knew the whole story.  So I wonder who told him half of it?  As for the public nuisance – this is news to me, is there such a thing and how come I havn’t been informed of it.  I can’t think which agencies would file such claims, will see if the police know.

What I do is not vandalism because I use chalk, which is not a permanent material and 99% of the time I don’t swear.  My messages are all political and about serious issues facing the most impoverished and powerless members of society.  The street is my only avenue, because the media won’t – that ignorant people having good lies don’t want to hear what I have to say is TOUGH SHIT.  I have a right to protest in any form I choose, that is what it means to live in a free country and a democracy.  We have a Human Rights Act and Bill of Rights Act that ensures my rights to protest and we are signed up to international treaties regarding human and political rights.

All of these laws and explanations for my actions are reasoned and legitimate – who has this guy Aaron been talking to and did that person tell him my side of the story?  Is he the one choosing to distort things or was it the person who told him?  Will be interesting to see where this slime trail leads.  I hope its back to John Key’s office or Paula Bennetts.

As for the insult at the end, this would be dealt with more seriously by police if the person had said a vicious racial remark but because its mental health its acceptable – NOT.  I have been noting lately how many neo-liberals insult you by calling you insane, thanking them for their response as it will help with data I am collecting for my thesis.  Aaah wish I was back at University – can’t even fill out the forms at the moment.

Will tell you more later.

Complaint of bias by Dominion Post, email sent today

After phoning around today, trying to find out how to hold our news media accountable for their right-wing political bias and corruption the advice from the Press Council on how to start that off was to write to the editor of a publication.  This is a red tape war and I’m a red tape whore.  The system is so complicated I know why people seldom do it.  Making me really upset too – really hard to be polite to these maggots after all these years.

Patrick Crewdson is acting editor of Dom Post.  Have a read, you can do this too.  Wait for an issue you are passionate about, that the media report badly on, then make your complaint.


I wish to complain about bias reporting of the Ashburton Murders and all the aspects that caused these killings.

I spent four hours outside Ministry of Social Development on Monday 8 September writing in chalk poetry, quotes & comments about how degrading and abusive MSD had made services for disabled people – and as a result innocent people were killed (and another committed suicide).  Police were there, dozens of people came down from MSD, dozens of people walking past supported what I was saying and doing.

As you know in an attempt to expose the truth about how badly abused, mentally injured and disabled people like myself are treated I have been protesting for many years.  Dominion Post has never covered my protests or explained to people what is happening for me and thousands of other abuse victims who are being denied the health care, welfare and justice they are entitled to under law.

Under my pseudonym JR Murphy Poet you know I protest and tell people what is happening to me on twitter @jrmurphypoet facebook /jrmurphypoetmusician, website www.jrmurphypoet.com and my youtube channel JR Murphy Poet.  I inform people about what is happening to me, their rights and the gross miscarriage of justice that is happening in ACC, mental health and welfare.  I have communicated with the Dominion Post on many occasions about what is happening and what I am doing to protest but have never had this acknowleged.  You have access to all these places and yet you do nothing.

In a twitter conversation you said to me “The DP is not a place for your anger”.  Yes I am angry, being forced to live in poverty and not being given the health care and justice services you need (and are entitled to) to return to work and a decent life makes you very angry.  That is irrelevant – it is what I do to try and get the services I know I am entitled to under the law that is the news.

Currently I am appealing three convictions for wilful trespass of the Law Society, because I havn’t been able to get a lawyer to make ACC reinstate my 12 hrs/wk care from 2009 after winning two reviews.  From ACC for not reinstating my care and not accommodating communication impairments related to my disability. From Ministry of Health not long after mentally ill man killed his two children and then himself – of which I have video.  The Law Society case had been in court more than a year because mental health services refused to provide services to accommodate my communication impairments, which in the end had to have a judge force them to.  When I was convicted but not sentenced the judge made a comment that was untrue and my lawyer – who was useless – didn’t correct him.  I was in such a bad way (due to the unsafe housing I was forced to live in at the time) I couldn’t speak – the judge had to close the court I was such a mess.

I have educated myself, I don’t lie and I know what is happening to mentally injured and mentally ill people is abusive and does not follow any known health or rehabilitation models.  This of course means that what is happening is experimental and under the NZ Bill of Rights you are not allowed to experiment on people.

Currently I am living back in the Wairarapa with a disabled friend who had a stroke in March (after six months of hell in Wainuiomata) – ask Trevor Mallard why he phoned police when I went to his office to beg for help?

Please explain why you have never reported on my protests and my viewpoint, when I am one of those most despised in this country – a disabled person who doesn’t work.  My opinion and viewpoint is very important, considering what I know and what I do to try and get the justice I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human rights and Bill of Rights laws.  Most mentally ill/injured people are too scared to speak out about mental health issues, I do and it is really frightening.  Not so bad now police don’t abuse me (after a few complaints to IPCA) but they still bring tazers and a police dog when ACC Disputes Tribunal phones them saying I am suicidal – when I phoned them begging for help – AND DID NOT SAY I WAS GOING TO KILL MYSELF!  Also police no longer threaten me with having my clothes removed.

However I am petrified of mental health services after years of rejections and threats of being committed.  It is the weirdest thing to be told you can’t get mental health services you are supposed to be getting but they will forcibly commit you and drug you instead. When in Wainuiomata a flatmate tried to kill herself, was in hospital three days then sent home with NO SERVICES, just more drugs, her family still bought her pre-school grandkids around to be babysat.  It was hell, I was so frightened for the kids, especially when the following week she had four grandkids and her sister and her partner turned up unexpectedly.  The man was drinking and obviously a sexual deviant after revolting comments he was making to the 11 and 12 year old grandkids.  I was so scared I didn’t sleep all night so I could protect them.  So many stories, so much suffering, not just me but thousands of people – and none of their stories being told.

I look forward to your reply.