NZ Laws Re Treatment Care & Rehabilitation of Disabled Abuse Victims & Mentally ill

Top of the list is ACC law, a document currently being violated in the area of outcomes/professional rehabilitation etc for CYFS kids and all mentally injured abuse victims.

Mental Injury Services – IPRCA Version -is currently posted on Solutions/Rehabilitation page if you want to reference it.  It shows all the parts of the IPRCA that are relevant, Social Rehabilitation and the ability to function in the areas of communication, employment, education etc are stated plainly.

Then we have the Disability Action Plan, this approach is nothing new, these are Occupational Therapy and Human Rights based, they have been around for over a decade I know about.  I studied this at Massey in 2006.  This is what I have been demanding, it is what you should be demanding, this is professional and what is supposed to happen.

Another health model I am interested in is Mason Jury’s Whare Tapa Wha model, which Whanau Ora is based on.  My concern with the current implementation of Whanau Ora is you are dealing with people who are not properly trained.  In saying that NO training can replace an instinct for knowing how to nurture and heal someone physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Ensuring people, once sufficiently healed have access to appropriate, supported and valuable work is imperative in any rehabilitation plan.  As many traumatised people are artistic I envisage a lot of investment in this area (NOTE: Trauma stimulates the right brain, which is creative, one of the only positives about stress disorders. It is part of the success of our species that when we are severely traumatised we became highly creative – that expression currently equates mostly to the arts, rather than a means of basic survival like escaping a wild animals, or attack by other humans.)


I won’t post the Bill of Rights Act here because it is a separate page on my website – that is how important it is.  Was discussing its relevance with someone recently who referred to Section 3 that says it does not nullify any other law – which is true.  HOWEVER when those interpreting any law have choice, for example in prosecuting someone protesting for wilful trespass, like the police currently do.  The Bill of Rights says when there is choice the Bill of Rights is to be given superiority.  So it is the ‘THIN BLUE LINE’ that predominantly decides whether to implement the Bill of Rights or not.

Or for example when Wellington City Council decide to prosecute me for parking fines while doing a protest outside Parliament and I claim Bill of Rights they can’t punish me or make me pay, when I am poor, to do a protest how I choose.  Freedom of Expression.  Below is NZ Human Rights Act:

Then of course there are the International Laws that the United Nations produces.  The Universal Declaration on Human Rights that came out as a result of WWII had a New Zealand as one of the designers.  We have been involved since its inception and yet currently we do not adhere to its principles – in fact we openly violate it – according to the United Nations.  New Zealanders should not accept this, neither should our legal establishment or our media.

They say these UN documents NZ has signed are not enforceable however I strongly disagree with this.  These signed documents are a contract with me as  a citizen of this country promising our government are going to follow those laws and implement them – CURRENTLY THEY DO NOT & I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS GROSS MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE - TIME WE ALL DEMANDED OUR RIGHTS.

The following is regarding disabled rights – please remember people who have been abused mostly have mental injuries and are therefore disabled.  This convention applies to them, but since it was signed National have done almost the opposite in the area of disabled mentally injured abuse victims (eg closing down Relationship Services/counselling, etc).

For those who are activists and getting a hard time from police, NZ govt, health welfare justice agencies or their agents (contractors) as well as councils there is the International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights:

It was a shock when I discovered the following Criminal Laws that give teeth  to many of those laws above and give the police powers to protect disabled vulnerable people by being able to prosecute private or public organisations that don’t fulfil the legal obligations – like ACC currently don’t do for me and other mentally injured abuse victims.  Section 150A 151 and 157 of the Crimes Act 1961 are being ignored by police and when I tried to get more information from Ministry of Justice about when these laws have been used I was stonewalled.

I want everybody who can to make complaints to their local police stations if they believe the following 3 sections of the Crimes Act have been violated by any government (local or national) agency or individual.  I am fighting to get ACC investigated, we need the thin blue line to stand by their Oath to the Queen, church and bible – not be coerced and corrupted by the current government.

I am also a dedicated advocate of equality being the road to peace and sustainable prosperity so include a youtube TED Talk that inspires me to fight for New Zealand leaders to follow the Nordic ideals we once did.  New Zealand is not an English or American name it is Dutch.  It also proves those who introduced neo-liberalism and laws that advanced the rich and persecuted the poor are in fact murders and criminals.  They implemented and continue to implement policies they know harm people and drive them to violence, dysfunction, suicide, addiction and more.  That they then support marketing which blames those adversely affected by these policies makes them corrupt and in my opinion libel to criminal prosecution.

The following is Maslow’s Heirachy of Needs, unless all of these needs are being met in a person they will not function at their best and most value to society.  While a government doesn’t provide access to all for these necessities of life they are violating the law.

Love this guy and what he is saying about trauma causing addiction, but also much more of course.  And his solutions for healing people are exactly the solutions I am demanding and know should be available to all mentally injured traumatised people – if they need it – not just addicts.

Talked to a woman worked on the following document, got a copy within days of it being written, she told me to keep fighting as the government was intending to ignore what was in it.  She said they were highly critical of mental health services.

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