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Didn’t have time to hear my case on Wednesday so I got up to mischief :-)

Outside ACC Aitken St


My case ended up not being heard – $35 to get to court and only $30 for food this week – oh how the torture wheel grinds your bones to make their bread.  I had to wait around from 10.30am until 2.15pm so thought I would make use of the trip and go chalking, singing and reciting poetry at my favourite places.  Almost ended up getting arrested outside ACC, got asked to tone it down at Parliament (the guy was so nice I couldn’t say no) – I just get so frustrated, I can’t yell at the person who is hurting me by keeping care from me so I am ‘compelled’ to yell at those people going in the building.  Maybe one of them is that person and can stop what is happening to me and thousands of abuse victims.

At ACC The Sheriff told me people felt threatened and intimidated – that is what they do to me so what do they expect.  They want me gone because they feel ashamed and guilty about what I am telling them – they don’t want to be told just how bad it is – and I don’t hold back on the truth.

Did heaps of chalking around the Supreme Court and found out later the judges were all there for some sort of meeting or case.

supreme court wgtn


Once I realised at 2.30 my case wouldn’t be heard I had two hours before the train, and as The Sheriff was such a wanker and almost arrested me I headed for Wellington Central Police station to chalk my feelings about his bullying and threatening behaviour.

I recorded him on my mobile phone, it was the only reason I wasn’t violently arrested – cause he really really wanted to.  Havn’t been able to upload the video with sound, will keep trying, it is a good example of how to stand up to the police – and when to backdown.

Dedicated to the Sheriff and all power crazed policemen

Dedicated to the Sheriff and all power crazed policemen

Got some video outside the Appeal Court just after the altercation with The Sheriff, where I’m really upset by the words on the window and just what a load of rubbish they are.  Makes me more determined to get going on these judicial reviews.

Had a brilliant day protesting, met some interesting people, got lots of support.

Oh yeah protested sung, recited poetry for about half an hour outside the District Court and chalked.  Security were all good, I know they believe in what I am doing but ‘they’ve got their jobs to do’ blah blah blah.  It is when the police, security and military stop supporting our cruel, deceitful, callous, elitist neo-liberal government that we will have justice for all people in this country.



Latest Guerrilla Protest Mission – Health & Disability Commission, Wellington

HDC protest/trespass


Did an occupation of the Health and Disability Commission on Friday, went almost as expected.


The behaviour of the Health and Disability Commissioner was appauling.  The HDC don’t even follow the Code of Rights they are supposed to uphold – it is appauling – and lying to police is beyond belief.  Of course I know from experience that there is nobody to complain to about this corrupt, ignorant and bigoted organisation.


Video has been posted of the protest on utube.     Part I    Part II – the police

protest HDC Wellington


Latest Guerrilla protest mission and court

Didn’t even make it into court, had an argument with some NAZI on security about bringing in my signs.  Was in no mood after days of not being well and little sleep to take what this guy said when I knew my rights under the Bill of Rights and that I was allowed the signs into the court.  He barred me from the building, I protested loudly but he was bigger than me and started getting violent.

I made sure everybody going in the building knew what was going on and I chalked outside.  Friend Ricky went off and found my lawyer who I talked to outside.  I couldn’t stop laughing about it, how ironic.

Wgtn District Court Barred from Bldg


Got a defended hearing on 14 August, intend to get arrested and go on a hunger strike way before that.  Police refused to drop the charges – so I will make another complaint about them to the IPCA regarding harassment.

Heaps of support from people going to court, one girl said she had been trying to get mental health care for her mum since she was 16 – she was now 21 (had tears in her eyes telling us) – she was 100% in support of our protests.  The lawyers looked ashamed of themselves and security kept an eye on us.  I heckled the security guard from outside the building for a while.  I’m making a formal complaint so I will deal with him that way.

Developing lots of plans for action in the coming weeks, hopefully that will get some media publicity.  With my story coming out in Fishhead magazine hopefully I will gain some support.

Rock on the Revolution.

Just had another $100 donation towards my protests – the universe stepping in.

Videoed a friend of mine last week performing a few of his songs and posted them on utube.  Really inspired to get the People’s Embassy Utube channel etc going and get all the songs, poetry, art, theatre and dance concerning social issues we can gather by local musicians.  Check out Daniel Peck.


Photos from recent Occupation of the Cenotaph in Wellington






After the march against asset sales in May we set up camp at the Cenotaph and I couldn’t resist chalking this.  Had some amazing conversations with people, same challenges as Occupy Wellington last year.























Stephen Browning Green MP came down to see what we were up to – most MPs were on a break.  This lady was from up north and dealing with Kauri dieback around Tane Mahuta – they swapped numbers etc and had a good talk.  Occupy site is great for that – can’t wait to start our people’s embassy.




Photo from the law school building – got an Occupy supporter who is a student and can get me access to the law school library and computer.Photo0530





Occupy attracted heaps of political artists, including this group of making a silent movie about asset sales.  I also listened to an awesome rapper, several poets and musicians – also have musicians interested in performing.



A selection of protest photos from the past 12 months

Wellington waterfront promoting Hordur Torfason tour and empowering people to action

Wellington waterfront promoting Hordur Torfason tour and empowering people to action


Promoting the Hordur Torfason tour and lectures, empowering people to stand up for their rights against the government.  Wellington waterfront early 2013.

Our first protest at an embassy and we were shitting ourselves.  Made jokes about being followed by drones for weeks, had our photos taken etc, bit weird knowing the US is investigating you - oh well nothing to hide

Our first protest at an embassy and we were shitting ourselves. Made jokes about being followed by drones for weeks, had our photos taken etc, bit weird knowing the US is investigating you – oh well nothing to hide


We still laugh about this, how scared we were.

Billy gets us all organised with our protests - it makes people think.

Billy gets us all organised with our protests – it makes people think.


A series of weekly protests I supported early 2013, main focus was decriminalizing medical cannabis and empowering people ending up in court to act and protest.  We were supporting Michelle (a sexual abuse victim who used Cannabis for her stress disorder) during her court proceedings for growing.  She got off with having to write an essay about the drawbacks of cannabis use – she didn’t even apologise in it.


Find some old paint or buy some new stuff, get hold of cardboard or old real estate signs, sit around and talk about why you are protesting and how to get your message across using just a few words.  Brain tingling stuff, you really feel alive and more powerful.

Find some old paint or buy some new stuff, get hold of cardboard or old real estate signs, sit around and talk about why you are protesting and how to get your message across using just a few words. Brain tingling stuff, you really feel alive and more powerful.


Sign making and getting organised for guerrilla protest missions, marches or other protests is the best fun!


The lady was a wholehearted supporter of what we were doing and very interesting, as are most people that stop to talk to us.  She was disgusted with what the politicians were doing to the country and people.

The lady was a wholehearted supporter of what we were doing and very interesting, as are most people that stop to talk to us. She was disgusted with what the politicians were doing to the country and people.


This is Ricky’s chalking work, it applies to my case of course and being unable to get a lawyer to force ACC and mental health to provide the services I am entitled to and police to stop harassing me.  I like to chalk historical quotes, it shows people this type of injustice has been going on for centuries.  Also this is outside the Supreme Court where those who are supposed to be upholding the fundamental principles of law have offices that look down on this footpath.


Poems to politicians



Felt like writing in a moment of frustration, wrote out poems and sent them to Paula Bennett, John Key and a few others – about how bad rotting on welfare was, etc.





Another activist friend of mine, heavily involved with the Mana party, we have known each other for years, live in the same Wairarapa town.




My favourite place for chalking is outside the Supreme court and across from Bowen House (where all the opposition MPs have offices) and across from Parliament.  The footpath is wide, not extremely busy and writing can be seen from the buildings (so the Green MPs tell me).






Photos of police during my protests


I chalked we don't want no GMO, this was an Occupy protester in Wellington, borrowed chalk and put the badge number of the four police that assaulted protesters at the Occupy camp last year.  The courts have just ruled the Council action to evict protesters as illegal under the Bill of Rights.

I chalked we don’t want no GMO, this was an Occupy protester in Wellington, borrowed chalk and put the badge number of the four police that assaulted protesters at the Occupy camp last year. The courts have just ruled the Council action to evict protesters as illegal under the Bill of Rights.

This was at the end of the GMO Monsanto protest march in May, there was a clear area in front of the police that needed chalking 🙂 . I always find it so empowering – one of the cops has arrested me before, he was OK.  Their body language changed when the guy by the Z557 there – must be shit being a cop when you have to rely on the integrity of other people to uphold the law.




Me being trespassed from outside the Ministry of Health in Molesworth Street, May – night I slept over at the Occupy camp at the Cenotaph.  Was really pissed off with mental health and John Crawshaw refusing to talk to me – got abusive with people going in and out of the buiding – I admit I lost my temper – but I never physically threatened anybody or swore at them.  The samoan cop was a dick but the other guy was really nice – couldn’t help me, but nice and listened (cute too).  There was also another cop that had come from bullshit castle probably heard me yelling – he was a naïve idiot.

Could have chosen not to leave and been arrested but I was having a good time at Occupy and didn’t want to be locked up that day.



On steps outside Wellington police station after being released from custody following occupation of the Law Society and charge of wilful trespass.  Was really pissed off – I had been there five hours – three of them waiting for mental health.  Had been insulted and degraded by police, threatened with having my clothes removed and traumatised by mental health.  When I left I was told by the senior sargent I had not got on with I was to leave town on the first train the next morning – I nicknamed him the sheriff.  Made a formal complaint about The Sheriff’s behaviour but was ignored.

Violated my bail conditions the following morning – just for fun and got a ride with friends out of town about lunchtime.




Before I got arrested at the Law Society I was outside Bowen House (Lambton Quay entrance to parliament) giving them shit – more shit than usual I was really pissed off.  The police were called but Katrina Shanks MP managed to get them to back off and I was not arrested – though I probably should have been cause I know I swore a few times I couldn’t help it.  She knows I can’t get care and had just been turned down by mental health yet again.

It was on my way to buy some paper to write a sign that I saw Geoffry Palmer and asked him who was responsible for ensuring I got a lawyer – he said the Law Society and you know the rest.

A couple of days later I phoned Mathew Palmer at the University and told him what happened, gave him shit as well when he turned out to be a greedy gravy train fuckwit lawyer.  Told him to pass on to his dad what had happened to me as a result of his advice.




The many faces of parliamentary security, Dave the arrogant tosser and another guard.  Some of the guards are really nice and as supportive as they can be, but I have been assaulted by the plain clothes Intelligence Service security staff in the past.





A ride to the railway station by police – to ensure I left town after being arrested for wilful trespass one of the four times.  They were nice to me from what I remember – unlike other times.  From conversations I have had with other people I am lucky I live in Wellington as Auckland and Christchurch police wouldn’t be so nice.




This was parliamentary security discussing what to do about me as I had returned and had been trespassed and prosecuted the previous week.  You can just make out the ‘Bond Bitch’, police were called and I was violently arrested, had the bruises on my arms for weeks.  I was scared of the handcuffs after having them used by police to hurt me previously (outside ACC).  Was kept in the cells overnight – kids were left at home on there own, was really unwell (suicidal) asked for a minister was refused, asked for a doctor was refused, mental health refused to come, had to go in paddy wagon to court the next morning – freaked out about being put in a metal box, you have no choice with four big men coming at you.  I would have walked down the road to court if they had asked – or would have got in the back with the Black Power boys on there way to court for assault.

The things you go through when protesting for your rights to health care and justice.  The case against me ended up being dropped – just like the three others there have been.  I’ve made complaints to the IPCA about harassment but they ignore me.


Photos outside Bullshit Castle



Me and Billy chalking outside Police HQ in Wellington, bullshit Castle – I was really pissed off about the refusal of government and police to implement all the recommendations of the inquiry following Louise Nicholas




The nice officer telling me to take off the chalking around the building – me going NO WAY – arrest me, this is a public place, I am really pissed off and I have a right to do this under the Bill of Rights!  Then we started negotiating that I wouldn’t do anymore on the building and he would have it washed off by cleaners.  It’s fun standing up to the police – they are so not used to it – especially from a protester who knows their rights.



Am currently trespassed from the IPCA and tired of being harassed by police for speaking out about suicide and appauling mental health/ACC services.




More protests & chalking the streets of Wellington

March against Monsanto Wgtn

Having trouble downloading the photos of my chalking outside the Supreme Court and the March against Genetically Modified Organisms/Foods (GMO) I was at last week.  This was at Waitangi Park in Wellington, my homeopath friend Claire Bleakley was in the red overalls, one of the leaders in getting GM kept restricted in NZ as much as possible.  Her overalls said OMG GMO WTF – Check out on my facebook page, latest album

Friday I did some chalking and met up with the Fishhead photographer to get photos for the article they are running on me next month.  She was appauled at what I was telling her about my reasons for protesting.

I also called into the High Court and got the documents and references I need to get a judicial review, now I have to work out which is the most effective way to approach this.

  1. A judicial review into mental health’s decision to not accommodate the impairments related to my disorder and my issues with communication – which as a result prevents me from accessing health services.
  2. A judicial review into police decision not to accept my complaint of harm by ACC and mental health services – under Section 157 of the Crimes Act.
  3. A judicial review into ACC refusing to accept the impairments related to my disorder and my spiritual, cultural and ethical beliefs therefore preventing me from accessing treatment, support, rehabilitation and justice services.

On Saturday I attended the March Against Monsanto and GMO’s  (Genetically Modified Organisms/food) from Waitangi Park on the Wellington waterfront down to an office in town.  There were about 100 people and I met up with some activist friends, chalked as we marched and chalked right in front of two policemen who were guarding some Monsanto related office (can’t remember who they said).

I gave a guy some chalk and he wrote Z557 on the footpath in front of the police too.  That was the badge number of four different policemen who were sent in to disband the Auckland Occupy camp last year and assaulted protesters.  We then had a discussion about how Wellington cops were much better than the mongrels in Auckland and Christchurch.  I always like to keep on the good side of the police here – because I get arrested so much, I recognised one of the cops standing there but didn’t speak to him.  Talked about being out on bail and how proud I was of it.

Listened to the speakers for a while then headed up to Aitken Street, ACC headoffice because I had heard of an advocate camping out because ACC prosecuted him for fraud to piss him off, but the case was thrown out of court, ACC were refusing to pay damages.  He had been the first advocate I had to let me down almost 10 years ago, I told him that too.  Weird guy, listened to my Low Hanging Fruit poem but didn’t agree with my comment about the right-wing.  We had a strange discussion about what was right-wing and what was left.

He couldn’t really tell me, except how people dressed either in a suit or hippy clothes – WTF.  Have been trying to define this political left-right thing ever since.  I believed right despised all people dependent on the state, run the country in favour of the richest people, were committed to free trade at any cost and production/growth at any cost.  While the left believed in a fair deal for all people, the rights of the vulnerable in society to be cared for, controls on immoral and corrupt businesses and politicians, fair trade not free trade, sustainability of the environment and protection of all people.

Left there once I worked out he was on his own crusade and wasn’t interested in ACC claimants that were suffering and committing suicide.  Said he was a Christian – yeah right.

After there headed for The Fringe Bar in Cuba Street to watch a doco on GMOs in America and India and what Monsanto had been doing – it was horrifying.  The numbers of university scientists that were being fired for speaking out about the dangers of GM was disturbing.  Met up with some new activist friends who care passionately about different things and want to act – great.

My next protest is Friday/Saturday occupation outside the US Embassy in Wellington in solidarity with Bradley Manning, who goes to court this week.

Anybody interested come along and sleep in your car outside the Embassy, bring signs, chalk etc.  I will have my video camera there to record messages of support for Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and all people fighting to expose corruption and gross negligence within our governments.

Now I’m back home to get this place sorted, write emails, prepare my judicial review, do some filing try and stay sane.


A week of protests in Wellington

Asset sales protest Wellington

Our 7am protest outside the Wellington stock exchange.  Jeff chained himself to some doors, we parked a car across the vehicle entrance to the building and our longest banner across the front doors.

Some of the people going in and out of the building were extremely hostile – mostly those earning the most money and making the most out of free trade and deregulation.  We got called hippies, told to get a job, they had the upmost contempt for our right to protest, especially when it was inconveniencing them and making them feel guilty about what they were doing to the poorest New Zealanders.

My favourite sign (thanks to our signwriting supporter Ants) was the one about stealing from the poor and giving to the rich.

We all took up the positions we felt comfortable with and moved around over the two hour protest.  I stood my ground and backed up my convictions if people gave me shit.  The police didn’t want to deal with me because I refused to listen to them.  Me and Billy played ‘good cop/bad cop’, I just have no respect for the police after what they have put me through in the past so it’s usually Billy coming to the cops rescue :-).  Have been dealing with the police for so long now – and usually on my own, so I’m a bit more staunch than the others.

It was great to have Mark there from Auckland, learnt heaps about his Occupy experiences and what was happening up there.  He said Lynn Ny and I are very similar people, good to know there are others out there.

Was cold and wet when we finished so went to a friends for hot cuppa and warm up, then a debrief and getting ready for the Mighty River boat launch in Wellington harbour at 12.30pm.

I always learn something from every protest mission I go on – this one was no different.  The rich people trading our lives away in that building are ignorant, bigoted and self-righteous.  I intend to make up a flier to distribute around the building explaining the links between the share market, greed, inequality, poverty and social issues.  Could see people laughing from their buildings and was disgusted, these people need to know their behaviour would have been like the Nazi’s laughing at the Jews speaking out about injustices.

People who complain about or censor protesters are oppressive bigots, as shameful as any racist.  You should hear some of the bigoted rants I have experienced, people with absolutely no logical answers to the issues I have educated myself in, such as caring for abused and mentally ill people, economics, constitutional laws, ACC, mental health (lack of) services, abuse of power, discrimination, etc.

Q and A, The National, Three 60 and Think Tank were interesting this morning.  Our group of activists are already organising a people’s embassy to be based at Parliament and have plans to go into the suburbs and empower people to participate in political issues such as unemployment, poverty, housing, health and education.

I thought Winston was good, until he went on about abusive families not getting welfare – that is where me and NZ First part ways as I know a lot more than them about causes of violence.

So much going on politically at the moment.  Was concerned about Tim Grosser and his commitment to the TPPA, his prime minister and political party – no mention of New Zealand citizens – that guy is scary and I bet you anything making a lot of money out of this process somewhere.  It frightens me to think these people are in charge of our country and so many lives when from all accounts they are out of control and grossly over stepping the bounds of morality, justice and democracy.

Maybe what I don’t like about those people who comment on issues of poverty, violence and human rights violations is they are not going through it like I am.  I get hit by every welfare reform, every power and food price increase, every attack on beneficiaries, every attack on mental health and ACC care, every attack on people accessing justice.  I just want people to know how these issues impact on a person’s life – like my mother abusing me for protesting about not getting the health care I am entitled to.  I am now estranged from my family because I don’t work – that is all they care about.  Or not being able to support my teenage children moving into expensive education and hopefully work, while spending more than two thirds of their weekly income on housing.

We have to humanise these issues, something the mainstream media is reluctant to do very often.  They are more interested in Georgie Pie being reinvented by McDonalds.









Occupy the Cenotaph – Rocks

Occupy the Cenotaph

What a brilliant week, all the good stuff from Occupy last year was back, so was some of the shit (but this isn’t going to stop it this time).

Talked with heaps of people, mostly we listened because people really needed to be heard.  It wasn’t just our group talking with people, it was people talking with others as well.  Mostly our signs (and my poetry) got the topics going and it went from there – was awesome to see.  Anybody who opposed what we were saying either ignored us or did sarcastic ‘one-liners’ then almost ran away – it was quite funny.

I managed to have a 10 min conversation with a uni strudent (about late 20s) who believed free trade had nothing to do with unemployment and my belief that it did was fundamentally flawed (yes a future upholder of justice said that).  He gave me the example of Singapore (which I am not familiar with) how they imported everything and lived off international banking.  When I looked into it further, this ‘country’ (it is not much bigger than a city) in no way resembles NZ and in fact is a haven for multi-nationals and banks as they have extremely low taxes – which is never going to be possible in NZ.

As a result of this discussion I am determined to begin regular debates and discussions on issues like free trade, poverty, unemployment, Bill of Rights, welfare, land ownership, etc.  I will put up challenges in the law school noticeboard across the road.  I am very lucky to have an Occupy supporter as a VUW student and so have some access to the university database and law library through them.  (Knowledge is power, but action is vital).  They took me for a tour recently and one thing I noted was how all the students looked very well dressed and obviously priviledged – of course higher education is predominantly for the rich and always has been.

Also talked with an awesome young rapper and was stoked I could rap back (Wherefore Art Thou ACC) – a group of people making a silent movie about asset sales.  Since I’ve been home have spoken to a guy at the local music shop and he reakons there are heaps of musicians out there hanging out for a place to perform their music about social issues, etc.  He wanted to know when we were up and running so he could come over with his band.

Stephen Browning came down from his office (Parliament is in recess at the moment) he is a Green MP to see what we were up to.  He was there when a woman from the far north (who runs tours to Tane Mahuta) had called in to talk with us – she had serious concerns about Kauri dieback and how she was being pushed out of committees she was on for choosing the forest over ways of making money out of the forest.  She was really into the law as well so I told her about censorship laws under Human Rights and Bill of Rights – she was going to look into it because she had been banned from one iwi group for speaking out.  Awesome lady, so like me.  James and I watched with interest while Stephan Browning and her had a really great conversation about the issues she had – this is what Occupy is about.

I think one of the best things to come out of it was an idea that we need to create a people’s embassy (or embassies) at the Cenotaph park.  Somewhere people from all over New Zealand can come, get information about issues and how to participate in our democracy, also where artists can congregate – there is some amazing revolution music, pictures, plays, etc out there.

I try and learn from every protest mission I go on and this is no exception.  So yesterday I went out and bought a video camera (on credit), how I wish I had on video some of the comments and conversations I had with people.  They just summed up an issue they had obviously thought about so well I couldn’t recreate it – they wanted to be heard, so if I can get performances and conversations recorded and put onto a Utube channel, then send it to relevant MPs and media, this will mean their voices will count.  Am really excited about this.

Of course it wasn’t all perfect, we had an issue with streeties drinking at the Occupy overnight and causing shit, but we had a meeting with police and they are on our side, so will support us to manage this issue – street people do have a right to be involved in this discussion but we have to have rules.  Also I was viciously verbally abused and threatened with assault by a ‘random’ that joined the group, he reakoned I wasn’t allowed to write a sign without the authorization of James (the guy staying in the tent) – NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO AND WHAT I CAN OR CAN’T WRITE.   Shit it was my tent, etc I helped organise the occupation and had stayed one night.  As soon as I started to stand up for myself this guy got really abusive – obviously hated women and was a racist Maori.

Because of my stress disorder I became a blithering mess and had to escape, ended up on Parliament steps extremely upset, a nice guard came out and got me a drink of water and tissues, he talked to me for about half an hour until I had calmed down a bit.  Told me the guards thought I was very brave for what I do and he had watched me several times be violently arrested.

Also while I was there a lovely man came past and asked if I was OK, when I told him a little of my story he told me about the French revolution and how people like me were revolutionaries.  That the government we were opposing was well organised while we were working with all sorts of very angry and unpredictable people.  He said we should get a core group together that can trust each other and move on from there, it was just what I needed to hear.  I caught the early train home and had nobody to pick me up from the station, when I got off the train my neighbour was there waiting for her boy, so I got a ride home.  Although I have to take a break no woman hater racist is going to stop me from my mission to get better care for abused people, more jobs, better democracy and more accountable politicians.

I can see this NZ people’s embassies really taking off.  Lately I have felt like a refugee in my own country with having such an unstable housing situation, also that I can’t get the authorities to follow their own laws and have no way of doing anything about it.

The power of the people is stronger than the people in power.  Now we have got to get large numbers of people opposing our cruel arrogant deceitful ignorant bigoted government to move together and create change.

Kia kaha friends