Open Letter to Wairarapa DHB members & community

Havn’t checked following for spelling or anything, so first draft, but needed to get it posted for my sanity.  Now off to protest in Masterton for two hours about what these people are doing to so many of us.


 Sent to every Board Member and Wairarapa DHB CEO, HDC, HRC, HRRT, Ombudsman, Auditor-General, United Nations Human Rights Agency – also published on WordPress, facebook, twitter and youtube.

 For the first time in 15 years of begging for health care and justice I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, criminal, imperial, human rights and bill of rights laws I attended a DHB meeting.  It was as I had expected, a completely out of touch group of affluent people controlled by two corrupt immoral neo-liberal super rich government installed elitists.

 I became extremely distraught to the point of dry reaching when I was listening to Baily-Gibson talking about REAL PEOPLE STORIES of failures in our health system.  Not stories from the Wairarapa of course – not the story I sent him on his email system (that I don’t have a copy of) in November last year about abuse and criminal negligence in mental health services in the Wairarapa.

 Several people I have spoken to said Baily-Gibson is mentally disturbed, tells his patients when they come in how he has no time for any negativity, they must be positive about their situation – this is before they even speak.  I can imagine listening to people’s problems for decades would drive you mad. 

 I challenge Dr Baily-Gibson to print out my complaint about mental health services and present it to the DHB.  As a government employee he is subject to the Privacy Act and under the Privacy Act should release this email to me and the Board.


 The early comment, which I am sure was for my benefit, about complaints being dealt with by the HDC was the first insult.  I have made multiple complaints to this organisation with no result, I am never believed and health professionals always are. 

 I spent four years with a HDC advocate Louise Grant trying to get mental health care, please refer to the series of letters from Andrew Curtis-Cody over the matter.  I received no help and most letters that he wrote didn’t make sense – this hideous mentally disturbed psychopath that runs mental health services in Wairarapa can write nonsense in a letter and he is believed.  I write law and proven health models etc and I’m discredited, degraded, denied health care and persecuted by police for telling the truth.  (Another reason my response to what was being said was so extreme – I have never had a tick that bad before.)

 Even though the HDC advocate said I was being discriminated against and treated badly the Health and Disability Commission refused to investigate the matter.   I gave up making complaints to HDC years ago – they are the most corrupt justice agency in New Zealand.  I have done several protests inside and outside their building over the years and wrote two poems you can google that will tell you the story – HDC Threw Me In A Bin and 

 I am sure you will find Paul Collins knows the people who head HDC, it’s the same group of radicalised terrorist neo-liberals that ensure the persecution of all mentally ill people.  Please refer to my recent submission on the Suicide Prevention Strategy, that outlines why it is imperative for neo-liberals to deny professional mental health care and safe homes for disabled – especially violently abused men women and children.

 Of course I am speaking from the darklands and place of those who are denied services – there are a small few who are given help, in fact they appear to be lavished with it.  The more majority are rejected and driven even madder or to suicide, as in Wairarapa, the more health care is lavished on others – especially those with physical illness as a result of disease.  The extreme harm caused by government and leaders advancing rich and persecuting poor under neo-liberal terrorism of past 30 years is never dealt with or discussed.


 I could see most of the people on the board were uncomfortable by my presence, I hate crying and getting upset like that.  It was all I could for just over an hour to hold myself together and cry without sobbing and not tick without making a noise, at what I was listening to and witnessing.  The woman showed the biggest lack of empathy, I find that a lot, men are often supportive when I am so upset but woman DESPISE ME.  I know a lot about psychology and I know that is because women cannot accept government services they are told help people are actually terrorising and hurting people – they can’t accept it when it doesn’t happen to them.


I challenge all the elected board members to meet with me for an hour and listen to the songs and poetry I have written about just how abusive mental health services, NZ government, justice agencies and doctors truly are in this country.  Recorded of course.


NOTE: I will never ever go into a meeting with any health or justice agency without it being recorded – EVER.  That’s because people in these meetings lie and then deny it.  Just like the CEO yesterday was lying.

WAIRARAPA CEO  – Asti, Albie????

The body language of this hideous woman made me feel validated by what I was doing.  This woman sent me an extremely nasty letter when she first arrived in the job, when I asked for compensation after being terrorised by being dragged through court for months for legally protesting.  I was trespassed from Masterton Hospital for a legal protest I did, I almost threw myself in front of traffic when trying to cross the road to court, was highly suicidal and an old counsellor I had the number of will confirm it.  I phoned her while sitting waiting at court because I was so terrified I would do it when trying to cross the road back to my car.


I won the case, was forced to represent myself, not very well because I had been forced to pay back legal aid from a previous case and was so poor at the time (due to my abusive living situation) I couldn’t get a lawyer.  It was later discovered by Legal Aid Services that I shouldn’t have had to pay back any money, they refused to reimburse the $200 I had paid over the previous months of course.


It was the DHB that forced police to prosecute me, they are the ones who demanded it.  I recall when I did it how insulting and offensive staff at Masterton Hospital were for my singing, painting and signs.  I have photos of the people who abused me if the Board want to see them – I don’t want to go into how bad it was in this document as I recall every trauma I become highly suicidal and very unwell.  If I was in a safe environment with mental health support I would but I am not.


One of the most insulting things was a woman leaning out of a second story window at the CSS building, yelling down at someone watching me singing and protesting.  JUST IGNORE IT!  This is the culture of hatred and discrimination me and 100s of other Wairarapa people disabled by mental health issues (often as a result of abuse) are subjected to on a regular basis.  It is this culture, that permeates the entire sector/industry and is reason Wairarapa now has the highest rate of suicide in New Zealand.


It was of course more proof to me women are at the heart of hatred against disabled distraught women who being terrorised by poverty, violence, discrimination, lack of health care for poor, etc created by neo-liberals who run our country.




As all of us in the darklands knows this isn’t a race issue at all – this is a class issue.  Reason Maori so high in statistics is they make up bigger proportion of working and disabled poor.  Baily-Gibson making comment about how most doctors are racists was biggest factor in setting off my tick dry reaching.  Doctors aren’t racist they’re bigots who hate the poor, unemployed and least fortunate govt purposely create – there isn’t a word for hating poor people who are suffering that I have found – I hope to create one in the future. 


In New Zealand 30 yrs of propaganda has ensured 95% of people despise anybody who is unemployed, irrelevant of the reason.  I know and could tell you multiple stories, even from my own family, about this.  I won’t, unless it is in person, because it will traumatise me too much and I won’t be able to go on.  Except for one story.


I was living in Wainuiomata a few years ago, moved over to try and get mental heatlh care and help out a very poor friend (who ended up becoming violent and stealing a lot of money from me).  I had a counsellor, was getting $200 less a week than I am getting now – rotting on invalids benefit – because in Wainuiomata they like to withhold as much money from disabled people as they can.  During my visit with the counsellor I was extremely distressed about the poverty and what was happening with abusive flatmate.  I was having to rely on a very public food bank being run from a community centre – was very humiliating.  Plus person I was living with was eating my food – she had anorexia and most just smoked cigarettes & drunk coffee, but when I moved in I was helping her and so she took advantage.  I had no help myself to stop it.

 So the counsellor is sitting across from me, seeing my extreme distress, knowing I was highly suicidal, self-harming, bulimic etc and says “I hate to ask this Jayne but do you have any Maori ancestry, if you do I can get you some help.”  I felt all the blood drain from my face and my heart sink even further into the depths of hell.  So there is help for Maori and now the government and DHB are going to provide even more – while any other race of people is denied care.  Also people who are criminals are given help, lots of money being put into their care – while their victims suffer and die.


 I just shared on my social media some of Paul Collins past, how any of the Board members can have any respect for such a person is beyond me.  The man is obviously seriously disturbed, he has been instrumental in the demise of our socialist caring Kiwi culture, he is driven purely by greed and power, money and accolades.  He is in fact the lowest form of life currently residing in New Zealand and should not be listened to at all.  The Board should rise up against him and everything he represents.  When National are driven out in September he will still be on the Board, still ensuring the persecution of 100s of Wairarapa disabled abused poor men women and children.

 Those on the Board who have any idea of what is going on in mental health care and for poor people should come out publicly against him and the National party appointed CEO – who is just as bad.  I watched the Board meeting, it was quite obvious these two people think themselves way above the other people there – you can tell they are part of the same neo-liberal elite who destroying people like myself and out entire society – from the poor up.


 Exposing of neo-liberal terrorist CULT ideologies is all over international news media, please can those on the Board do some research.  Chris Hedges has an excellent series on neo-liberalism in America, you will see the similarities to what has been done to New Zealand by this global terrorists (and yes they are terrorists of poor).

 Please refer to my website where I have outlined multiple violations of NZ and international law in regard to treatment care rehabilitation and justice for mentally injured abuse victims and mentally ill in our society. 

 It is particularly bad in Wairarapa due to our 20 year housing crisis – that local media refused to make public.  Where state housing was sold off and privatised, making this region the poorest for disabled people paying market rents and getting little relief from WINZ.  Trust House continue to buy pubs and fund extravagant sports/arts/business projects instead of buying houses for disabled and poor.

 It is illegal for a disabled person not to have access to state housing – I have never had state housing.  What Wairarapa leaders have done of course is an attempt at gentrifying and driving out all disabled, dysfunctional and poor since the 1984 neo-liberal reign of terror started.   They have done an excellent job, if I have to shift out of my current rental I don’t know where I will go – everybody I know in rentals are terrified about the future.  Which of course makes them drink & smoke even more to cope – or commit suicide.  Like Joes son, Ben, Chelsea, Jarrad, Glen………… and all those other people we all know when you live in the darklands.

 It makes my heart hurt when I think of all the people my 22 & 23 yr old children have known who killed themselves.  I’m 52, that didn’t happen when I was young – did it happen to anybody on the DHB?  These people have no hope, there is no hope, I know that, this advancing of rich and persecution of poor for profit is never going to stop – I’ve spent 15 years trying to get professional health care and justice for myself and others – I’m persecuted and terrorised by police for it.

 Police of course mostly being put in the middle of hatred of rich for poor who need mental health care and justice.  Most police are very nice to me because they are at the cliff face of what I am talking about regarding mental health (now it has been successfully criminalised by neo-liberal terrorists).  But some police officers hate and victimise me, makes them feel better I suppose, makes them feel better about how many disabled mentally ill people who either harm themselves or others they are told to persecute by our government.


 I am a Civil Society Actor / Activist as defined by the United Nations – I can’t get any health care or justice I am entitled to and UN refuses to protect me from police/justice agencies because they are ONLY a marketing organisation.  However I know the process, I can read, I don’t spend my days reading novels, watching movies, smoking and drinking, I spend it educating and empowering myself.  I know the laws I talk about, I can read, I was studying law before being hurt in a crime, I know my rights and I know my disorder – VERY WELL.

 I have reports from top NZ psychiatrists that say I am intelligent, do not have a personality disorder and am not delusional – unlike the people like Paul Collins and DHB CEO, who I know would not come through a mental health assessment with the same outcome as me.

 That I even have reports that say this shows just how corrupt neo-liberalism is.  All I have ever asked for is the ACC and professional mental health care I am entitled to under multiple New Zealand laws so I could return to study/work.  So could again have my own home, which I lost due to my mental injury, but know I never will.  All I have to look forward to is years of discrimination and victimisation by a series of flatmates in unstable unsafe living situations – because there are no state houses for human sewage like me.

 Please google my song HUMAN SEWAGE – I will change it from Bob Francis (who I despise) to Paul Collins.  The first line of the song is I AM HUMAN SEWAGE THE DHB DECIDED SO, PAUL COLLINS SAID DO NOTHING, PRETEND WE DO NOT KNOW.   Which is all the DHB has ever said.


 The reason suicide prevention has become so abusive towards people who are suicidal is because of families.  Many of them were instrumental in the suicide and neglect of the person and yet they get a voice in suicide prevention.  There is the odd affluent person who RECOVERS from suicide who gets a say as well, while the vast majority of us continue to be denied professional health care/models and persecuted by police.

 I am so traumatised by repeated police visits last year I have nightmares about them coming to get me.  There was supposed to be a deal with Ins Donna Coward that police aren’t allowed to come to my home but that is ignored by officers and I had another visit on Saturday after a six month reprieve.  I shook for 2 hours after it – its why I react so badly to nice police officers that DHB get in to terrorise me further just by wearing the uniform.

 Please again read my website and it will explain some of what has happened to me by nasty element in Wairarapa police.  I don’t hate the police of course, but I do want them to act on my repeated complaints of harm under Sections 150A 151 155 157 of Crimes Act.   Only reason they don’t of course is because they are corrupt at their highest levels, ask Paul Collins what he has to do with highly paid corrupt officials like Mike Bush?

 I can’t go on, what is the point, I write so many letters, so many submissions to select committees, so many emails begging for help I am entitled to, participate in so many meetings and NOTHING EVER CHANGES – THINGS ONLY EVER GET WORSE.  Which is why I am currently protesting the way I am – I know nothing ever works – its set up to fail, especially the justice system, especially the protection of disabled human sewage like me.

 All Andrew Curtis-Cody and other NGOs and groups who have discriminated against me and hurt me say is LOTS OF PEOPLE HAVE TRIED TO HELP YOU JAYNE – YOU JUST DONT’ WANT IT.   This is not true and a police investigation would prove it, I have had several health professional that know I am not being given services I am entitled to and worked very hard when I did have some in 2009.  But of course National terrorists got in, installed John Judge and Paula Rebstock in ACC and I had all my care illegally removed, I have won two reviews to have it reinstated and am still refused on a weekly basis.  I can’t get a lawyer to make them and ACC not subject to HDC or anything.

One last thing is the comments I have had from people while protesting recently about how doctors and other health professionals in mental health (and police) have told them after a suicide attempt that they should do a better job next time.  Dr Cherry told me when I first became suicidal years ago, after being denied care following rape, that if I was going to suicide to make sure I did a good job because doctors didn’t like cleaning up the mess that often resulted when they failed.  I assured him at the time I would.


I made a complaint about this to Carterton Medical I was ignored.  Currently I have a contract I was forced to sign by CMC saying I am not allowed to say I am suicidal.  I was forced to sign it under duress as I had a skin cancer at the time and they would not treat me unless I did.  My previous doctor Dr had left and the one I was supposed to have had an appalling reputation in community.  I had to have a Carterton doctor because I was so broke I couldn’t leave town.  I made a complaint to the HDC and HDC advocate, CDC refused to discuss the issues or acknowledge I am actually terrified of Dr Hunefelt.  I tried to talk about my mental health once, I became extremely distressed, she changed the subject at the end of what I said – as though I hadn’t even spoken.


I live terrified as I have other health issues and have constant kidney infections I try and deal with myself because I can’t see her.  So much for Anna Cardno’s marketing about talking about suicide and getting help – doctors are worse than community – or maybe that’s what Libertarian Anna wanted, that community deals with suicidal people government create?


I wish I could tell you all more, but this is getting disjointed and I want to talk to people to their face – so they can see my pain and hear what I know say and do.  I am not mentally ill so I don’t know what is happening to me isn’t discrimination and a gross miscarriage of justice.  I am not mentally ill and delusional about being persecuted.  I am mentally injured by severe trauma and years of neglect and trauma on trauma being left to fend for myself in this cruel and bigoted community.


FACT – you all need to stop pretending its not happening – I know its difficult, hell it makes me suicidal knowing what is truly going on in this country.  Knowing rich elites purposely withhold services to disabled and poor in order to advance rich and business.  Its difficult but if people like those on the Board of DHB don’t do it then things are going to continue.  We are already more violent and kill my young through suicide than any other neo-liberal OECD country.  That is because we harm those who less fortunate more than another other country.  Our leaders have NO COMPASSION, NO EMPATHY AND KEEP THEMSELVES IGNORANT.


I truly believe the reason NZ has highest rate of bowel cancer in the world is we don’t deal with SHT – I know a lot about the brain and its power over behaviour and the physical body.


Kia kaha to us all









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