I’m frightened PLEASE STOP New Zealand Police coming to my home

Have been trying since last week to get in front of a judge and beg him to stop NZ police coming to my home for bogus welfare visits – sent by people who are supposed to either provide me health care or justice (eg Ombudsman or Jonathan Coleman).

Was told by MOJ to turn up at court with my papers and I would see a judge, went there and not judge working that day, told to come back next day.  Went back and told there was no way I would see a judge but person would give my documents to a judge – they didn’t.  I can’t get a lawyer they all too busy, local Community Law refuse to do anything that helps people fight their own case and Citizens Advice Bureau – well every time they are mentioned I know I’m back at the beginning of the torture wheel of hell for disabled mentally injured abuse victims and Civil Society Activists – groan.

Here is the letter I wrote to the judge – I also included the UN Civil Society handbook, 4 emails with Police Complaints Authority about problems I’m having with police (a few nasty ones, most are OK) and 3 letters I have written over past 5 yrs begging them not to come to my home for welfare visits.

3 November 2016

 Presiding Judge
Masterton District Court

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am appealing to you to stop police coming to my home for welfare visits.  I have never threatened suicide or attempted it, I have never been under Mental Health Act or mental health.  I have Compounding Complex PTSD, which includes Suicidal Ideology, which is the worst hell on earth to cope with BUT I DO and have for years.

I do phone people in health, welfare and justice agencies begging for the treatment care rehabilitation and justice services I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, criminal, imperial, human rights and bill of rights.  I tell them how bad I feel and how I wish I was dead – which I do, because I can’t get the help I am entitled to in order to return to work – instead of providing those services or protecting me they phone the police.

ACC and mental health services are not concerned about my dysfunction so why should police be?  I have overwhelming issues at the moment with an unsafe home, ACC continuing to refuse to reinstate my care from 2009 (even though I have won two reviews) and being extremely isolated in my community.  The threat of police coming to my home has led to me becoming highly stressed every time I hear a car in my street or a knock at my door as I think it is police coming to get me.  I am even having nightmares. (This has got much worse since I was assaulted by two policemen, early August, IPCA just told me they refuse to deal with it until April 2017.)

I know you can’t keep harassing someone in their home, its against the law.  I am a civil society activist, as defined by the United Nations, in the area of mental health for abuse victims, traumatised and mentally ill.  The system created by government allegedly to protect people like myself is being used in a punitive way and is harming me – I am begging you please make it stop. 

 With the latest charges police have given them to my current criminal lawyer and I would like this to continue.  I cannot get the Civil Legal Aid lawyer I desperately need, which is why I am representing myself today.  My lawyer is far to busy to do anything other than defend me on criminal charges, where I have pushed the boundaries of activism IN A NON-VIOLENT WAY, have screamed at ACC to have my care reinstated and tried to get my case of psychological torture and harm under Sectionsl 150A 151 155 and 157 of the crimes act in front of a judge.

 My interactions with police are mostly OK, however I learnt recently from two police officers I am despised for what I do and them having to come to my house repeatedly for welfare visits.  This is causing both police and me serious issues as some officers don’t handle impairments related to my disorder well and it just traumatises me further – the trauma compounds.  At the moment I am so overwhelmed I need at least one stress in my life to be removed and not freaking out that every car in the street is police coming to get me would significantly lower my stress levels so I can cope with other things.

 I have tried to trespass police, begged them to stop coming here, I havn’t killed myself yet and I don’t intend to while there is hope me and 10,000s of other mentally injured abuse victims will get the health care they are entitled to under law.  Them coming here is also a waste of their time and is deeply humiliating for me as my neighbours see what is happening and don’t understand the situation so I am marginalised even further.

 I accept if I commit a serious crime (my only conviction is wilful trespass of the Law Society for refusing to leave when they refused to get me a lawyer) then they could come here – but that is never going to happen because I am a good person.  I accept if I phone needing help that they can come here (I am in an unsafe living situation, scared my strange flatmate going to commit suicide), but please don’t let them just turn up for a welfare visit or something to do with my ongoing LEGAL protests.

 Please, I am sure police won’t mind at all if they are directed not to come to my home for welfare visits, I know the officers I deal with hate it, because usually I’m crying and really upset.  We all know how bad mental health care is, we all know how bad ACC can be – please stop ‘the system’ being used to hurt me when I protest about this gross miscarriage of justice, or tell the truth about how bad I feel.

 Please refer to my social media for more information in making your decision www.jrmurphypoet.com – facebook /jrmurphypoetmusician – twitter @jrmurphypoetry or youtube JR Murphy Poet.  I have nothing to hide.



Civil Society Activist


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