Troll abusing me for comments about ACC Minister Nikki Kaye MP – I do have cancer!

Actually I do have cancer, skin cancer.  It took me 3 weeks to get to see a doctor about it, another six weeks before she would put me on a waiting list and 12 weeks before I get any treatment.  Wonder if any politician gets this sort of health care.

Most of those delays are related to my stress disorder because ACC refuse to reinstate the treatment care and rehabilitation I had illegally removed in 2009 – when National got in.  I have won two reviews but still ACC refuse to do it so I am very unwell and find it difficult to communicate in times of stress – especially with health professionals.

I should have a mental health worker, who would have helped me access services but ACC refuse.  My doctor despises me, just like the previous 10 doctors who hate all people with mental health issues because there are no services – so they just attack the person.

Nikki Kaye has been instrumental in ensuring I did not receive the care I am entitled to, so I cannot return to work and have to live in unsafe living situations with this nightmare CPTSD disorder.  I have written to her, she knows my case and refuses to do anything about it.

I found it interesting you have suggested what has been happening to me is karma, when this was happening a long time before Nikki Kaye got cancer.  You obviously do not understand the principles of karma and the corruption and criminal behaviour of our government, who have been denying 1000s of abused men women and children the professional treatment care and rehabilitation they are entitled to and need under ACC, health, disability, criminal, imperial, human rights and bill of rights laws.

Next time police physically assault you and strip you naked in the cells for having cancer please feel free to contact me for some sympathy and advice.

Karma coming to all those in denial about how bad this country has become after 30 years of radicalised neo-liberal terrorists advancing rich, disadvantaging middle class and persecuting disabled poor – particularly people with mental health issues.


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