Guerrilla Activism in New Zealand by Civil Society Actor – Mental Health/Justice

Hi all,

Had to write about my day yesterday, from up at 5am to get to court in the morning until train home at 10pm.

Thought I had court all sorted was going there to plead not guilty and collect disclosure documents because my lawyer too busy in Wairarapa.  Hadn’t had any bail conditions prior to this, was in the dock when police wanted bail condition that I live at ..Ave, and I didn’t want any bail conditions.  I see this as just a way of police wanting to control me for no good reason and had previous bad experience having to leave a house where flatmate attempted suicide.  There had to be an urgent court hear so I could move.  Doing it now is an abuse of power, victimisation and of no value whatsoever.

Was really stressed going in anyway, so when they refused to remove condition I gave them a bollocking – with lots of swearing.  Bought up about police assaulting me and all the shit I get from them, 3 women in the room, one held onto the glass door so I couldn’t get out – which freaked me out.  Being locked up when you feel like that is revolting.  Security were called, who were AWESOME, said all the right things, that they would sort it out and I sat down.  Started freaking out anyway, rocking backwards and forwards, hitting myself as hard as I could, crying, eyes closed, hands over my ears.

Got so bad I had to crawl into the corner with the walls behind me to calm down.  Couldn’t hear what went on after that, not even sure how long I was there.  They sent in some clown from mental health, big tall bald white guy in a suit – ewww.  Sat down beside me, as soon as he said who he was I started swearing at him, big time, fucking mental health – they’re one of the reasons I’m in this mess.  Told him he was a maggot making money out of the people who were being refused care.  Called him a murderer, etc.  He got up pretty quickly and declared I was definitely not mental health and left – was hilarious and not unexpected – that’s what always happens.  (What do they expect when they refused me services for years, now best to give them shit and remember all those people who have committed suicide etc because of these maggots.)

Eventually I managed to de-escalate enough to open my eyes and ears and a security guard came into the dock and told me what was happening.  I was to see the judge at 10am – I asked him if I could get out of there – go outside and wait, so he saw me out, was almost running – escape mode.  Sat outside for an hour before seeing next appearance.

As I walked back in said sorry to Security, started crying, said I would never hurt anybody – they said they knew that.  Were really nice, though I had an escort when I went back to court – how important am I.  I was 2nd up – they know I want to get out of there fast as I can and what sort of disruption I can be.  Judge wouldn’t listen to my argument, got upset which he was concerned about.  When I didn’t like his decision started giving him shit – not enough to get contempt charge or anything.

Was removed from the dock by some ape pom, with a bad attitude – didn’t help things much, started swearing at him so he was threatening to keep me in the cells for 2 hours if I didn’t keep quiet.  Still told him go back to his own country, etc etc – just can’t keep my mouth shut some times.  Got out of bail room in about 5 mins, the guard was outside and I stopped looked around – there about 30 whipped looking people standing around waiting.  So I walked away from the guard and started singing full voice – Why Am I Arrested For Being Disabled.  Was awesome, so empowering, filled the whole room – keep singing all the way down the escalator and outside.

Once I started up poor security guard has to get me out of there, so I follow him but slowly, don’t like being manhandled and they won’t if you follow them.  Heard a call come through on his radio about getting me out of there – you would have been able to hear it from the courts – they don’t like to be disturbed by a rebellious citizen – might inspire others to rebel.

So left and went for a cuppa and morning tea with friend who had turned up.  There planned the final details for my Swastika and guerrilla poetry mission to The NZ Initiative, IPCA and Ministry of Justice.

First stop Wellington library to get organised, write up the poems put blue tak on Swastika paintings etc, so all ready for when I get to my target I can get it up quickly.  Then off to Bayleys building and NZ Initiative (business round table), photos on my facebook page and video of the poem I did on my youtube channel.

Left there regrouped and got out next painting, then headed off to IPCA only couple of streets away.  Got up there, nobody around put up my painting and did the poem then left – cause I’m trespassed from there – so I am expecting police to call in if they complain.

Finished there, it was raining, so headed for Bus terminal got out a rain poncho I carry and changed into that, heading off the back way to Justice House in Aitken Street where ACC and Ministry of Justice are.  Put up the painting, recited a poem and left.  Headed down Molesworth Street, past Appeal Court, Backbenchers and High Court, did a loop inside the courtyard of the High Court – I know they hate that.  Waved at security, did a little dance too I think – didn’t give them the finger even though I wanted to.  The guys watching the screens aren’t necessarily the ones I’m pissed off with.

Then went back to the bus terminal and court bus up to Victoria Uni Kelburn, stay out of the way while police might be looking for me.  The ESRA (left wing think tank) launch, was awesome, there had also been 3 days of workshops etc  Got there and had something to eat and a cuppa, talked to some really interesting people, good brain food.  Told a few what I had been up to, walking the talk.

Should offer them a talk on being a lone Civil Society Actor, how to deal with police etc.  Trespass Law and Bill of Rights.

Had to wait around until late train at 10.30pm, just people watched and McDonalds and the train station for 1 1/2 hrs.  Was good talk with a few exceptions, but gotta remember they all middle class people, mostly passive aggressives as well, who all idealistic and don’t like what I do.  Knew several people, was good, my reputation preceeds me with those who know my work.

Had been taking photos and uploading things to facebook all day.

All day today I’ve been smiling every time I think of what I did – challenging the system, pushing their boundaries – taking some power back.  Although the melt-down at court was not good, I recovered pretty quickly once I got into the mission.  The thought of the faces of the people who found the posters and poetry kept me smiling and imagining what they were thinking of.


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