NZ Mental Health using abusive experimental DBT

So I’ve just worked out why our mental health services are abusive and turning away seriously ill abuse victims, traumatised suicidal people, after talking with someone who is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Our corrupt neo-liberal government have introduced a form of therapy that is extremely abusive and follows neo-liberal/libertarian views of people being self-reliant.  Now starts my investigation into how this came to our country and who is behind it – guarantee you I will find National party people running this training.

All sorts of cultural violations here as well – this is based in Buddhism – this doesn’t work with a traumatised person who don’t even function in the cognitive brain and cannot sit still while they are being persecuted.

Extremely scary stuff telling people to cope with the inhuman conditions they are being forced to live under with unsafe unstable housing and inadequate welfare and of course the huge increase in crime.  In NZ 20% of the poorest people experience 80% of the crime, you can’t use DBT to try and brainwash people into coping.  WTF



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