Post to Dr Liz Gordon, passive/aggressive from Celia Lashlie Day

As you know I seldom check my comments after so much degrading abuse, well today I decided to and most of it was spam, except for a short email from Dr Liz Gordon abusing me for not publishing her previous long email – which I cannot read (part of my phobia stuff).

I met Dr Gordon at the Ceilia Lashlie day a couple of weeks ago, spoke to her for 20 mins and it became obvious she was just another MAGGOT in the system.  These are the people who feed off the puss filled sore that is social decay, people getting paid to investigate things in the VIOLENCE INDUSTRY – our universities are full of them – even though we are well aware of what to do and why we have violence.  We don’t have a whole planet covered in intelligent educated people that have made it there life’s work to understand causes of violence, trauma, etc and how to create a peaceful society – THEY ARE EVERYWHERE and they have been around for decades (more correctly hundreds of years).  Its how I know what I know and fight so hard to get the care people are entitled to by law.

She perfectly fits the profile of prison guard who allows prisoners to be degraded by other abusive guards by justifying it as not her responsibility and laughing inappropriately.  She makes jokes about how she loved being called a Maggot, then chastises me in the nicest passive/aggressive way she can about not posting her previous longer comment.  Obviously not knowing I seldom look at my comments section and have said several times on my website that I don’t so people should get hold of me other ways.

NOTE: The reason I lost it with her at Celia Lashlie Day, is I knew she could change what was happening for me and so many others.  I asked her to take what she had learnt through her research and make a complaint to police that the New Zealand government were in fact knowingly causing harm with their economic and social policies.  She refused, FIRSTLY telling me it would be too embarrassing and police wouldn’t listen to her, then giving a whole range of other excuses.

I know challenging people like her doesn’t help the situation, but then they don’t help the situation either.  Even the $millions of wrap around services the government intend to put into gang families isn’t going to work in the long term (note it will work for a few of the families & the govt will pretend it is a raging success and cut funding), because it creates a situation where on a subconscious level people will come into these situations just so they can get help.

From what I have seen of John Tully’s trial and life he is in a similar position, driven mad, driven to violence and ending up with somewhere stable to live, where he will get health care, three meals a day, acceptance and psycho-social interaction he desperately needed.  He will get to talk to the likes of Dr Gordon who go to prisons to help people there.  He will get to work within his capabilities, get to study, he will have meaning in his life – he will be something because he is a murderer – before this he WAS NOTHING.  I recall telling Dr Doris the psychiatrist how I was NOTHING, how I just wanted to be something.  Being an activist mostly fills that gap for me (and I thank all my supporters for their genuine love and validation) but there is still the ‘old me’ who wants to be valued/paid for the work I do or talents I have (I dream of being a playwright or consultant in mental health area implementing the treatment care and rehabilitation I know people are entitled to and getting paid for it, so I am able to live with dignity – so I my kids, family and community will be proud of me, rather than ashamed).

I must get on to writing my report about Celia Lashlie Day and writing up the my thoughts on the other events etc I have been attending when in Wellington.  Pretty sure I avoiding doing it because of the pain, sadness and trauma it will cause.

Maybe one day all these ‘educated middle class’ people who say they want to help and change the system while they’re getting paid by it (AND THE VIOLENCE ONLY GETS WORSE), will come to Wellington and park their cars outside Parliament and start a hunger strike until the government does what the law says it must.  YEAH RIGHT!  Imagine 100 health and welfare professionals outside any country’s Parliament on hunger strike – the world media would have a field day – the local media would have a field day – the government would have to listen and be forced to change the way they are operating forever.

Kia kaha to us all, especially the likes of Dr Gordon.

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