First draft, unfinished report on Ceilia Lashlie Day Feb 2016

Felt the need to post this first draft, even unfinished, show people where I am going and what I am doing.  Kia kaha to us all.

REPORT BY JR, following Celia Lashlie Day, Victoria University, Wellington 25 February 2016


 I knew attending this event was going to be a challenge and it was much harder than I expected as my stress disorder kicked in with what I was hearing.  14 years going to events like this, surrounded by well-meaning people within the system, saying the same things while the government creates a toxic environment that makes matters worse – I’ve had enough. Hopeful this report will be the catalyst needed to bring professional health and rehabilitation processes to the current VIOLENCE INDUSTRY – along with the much needed resources that are required by law but being illegally withheld.

 My time was spent writing pages of notes during the morning sessions so I will follow those for now.  I am not an academic and my stress disorder is bad so I apologise for any repeats, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, informal page layouts, etc.

 As part of this report I would refer to my website – particularly my law, solutions and rehabilitation pages – with a business plan based on ACC law and Fence At The Top Of The Cliff rehabilitation model.  Facebook page /jrmurphypoetmusician;  twitter @jrmurphypoetry ; youtube channel  You will note from these social media that like Celia I don’t pull any punches, which gets me offside with many.  I am also living this nightmare, have a life-threatening stress disorder, have studied stress disorders extensively, understand Occupational Therapy concepts of professional rehabilitation, am spirituality aware; along with knowing ACC, disability, health, criminal, human rights and bill of rights laws.  And my experience at the hands of the current abusive, unprofessional, irresponsible, criminally negligent agencies is also invaluable.

 NO MORE – I am putting up with this experimental way we are dealing with traumatised people NO MORE – people are entitled to professional health care using professional health models – that is currently not happening which is a breach of Human Rights and Bill of Rights in the area of experimentation. (Please refer to the story by Gabrielle Quirk, why did it take a police officer to do this, where are our health professionals?) There have also been several other breaches of law which I will outline later in this report

 Under United Nations definitions I am considered a Civil Society Actor in this field and as such supposed to be treated with impunity, this is not happening after almost 20 police visits to my home in Dec/Jan/Feb.   Mostly welfare visits, because I was phoning people in health, justice or political areas who I knew were responsible for what was happening to me (or more correctly what was not happening) and telling them I wished I was dead because I couldn’t get care and bear to live in poverty, unwell and unemployed any longer.

 My neighbours have stopped talking to me and I have started having nightmares about police coming to get me after a couple of the officers decided to be vindictive because of all the calls.  I am currently in court for misuse of a telephone, for phoning ACC screaming at them if they didn’t reinstate my care, as required by two reviews, or help me and other abuse victims that God was going to reign down fire and brimstone on them.  I have also developed a tourettes type disorder after waiting 7 years to have my ACC care (12 hours and 5 people in a multidisciplinary team) reinstated from 2009 – so I swear when I am upset and threatened.

 Recently it was stated by media that John Tully had been begging and screaming for help before he had a psychotic episode and killed those two WINZ workers.  Just yesterday a Christchurch journalist reported how domestic violence doubled after Valentine’s Day earthquake.  It is a fact and those in power know that prolonged stress causes some people to become violent towards those around them.  The solutions and ‘health care’ I propose would almost eliminate this dysfunctional reaction.  The solutions I propose would not only help people currently harming and being harmed it would empower and educate people on how to stop others from this reaction – how to help them.  This knowledge is so powerful and works so well it would spread throughout our communities like the ‘wildfire’ – people everywhere are so desperate for solutions to violence.

 Ceilia Lashlie Day

 My mission is outlined in my business plan for Mental Injury Services and on my social media sights.  I take Ceilia’s work one step further, that is my soul’s objective – action not words.  My mission is not to work with vulnerable people directly (other than those currently around me) but to make changes in government and with those who have the power and money to change these violent dysfunctional ‘health’ outcomes – eg health, welfare, social, justice agencies and news media.

 Several of the agencies represented at the day were ones who have censored what I have been saying about ACC and professional rehabilitation for many years.  I am blocked from their social media and often discredited and insulted for what I know, the situation I am in and challenging their abusive systems.  Note: there are a small minority that have successful programmes but because of the appauling state of housing, inequality and unemployment now it makes even more dysfunctional people, hence the increases in violence.


The magic in every child: I completely agree, ACC purpose and entitlements believe in this too for abused children, but do not deliver.

 Honesty and CredibilityNot happening, I have been listening to the same rhetoric for 14 years and the same solutions that successive governments refuse to fund – when they are legally obliged to.

 Moral Courage: I didn’t see any moral courage in that room, when I challenged Dr Liz Gordon to go to the police and make complaints under 150A 151 & 157 of the Crimes Act she refused saying it would be too embarrassing.  She told me nothing could be done to make ACC follow the law and Human Rights laws weren’t enforceable in the case of discrimination against mentally injured and mentally ill people.  I am sure any other speaker or academic I would have spoken to on that day would have said the same things, she is just an indictment of how abusive and degrading the ‘violence industry systems’ have become.

 Social Well-being and Awareness: I am not finding this at all, the connections are inciting discrimination, bigotry, fear and ignorant misinformation.  Not the 21st century professional treatment care rehabilitation and justice that is supposed to be happening.  Leaders are making decisions and manipulating people rather than well educated health and welfare providers (I consider only 20% of them to be sufficiently qualified and trained to the level of understanding I have).  Our communities are not working together, mostly due to inequality and the stress of poverty, poor housing, misguided marketing/social engineering, etc.  This is the elephant in the room when it comes to addressing violence and our politicians particularly are in denial at the damage neo-liberal economic policies are having on our society – on our culture.

 Social Justice/Responsibility: The leaders of our communities hold the power to solve these problems – THE COMMUNITY ARE CURRENTLY THE VICTIMS OF ABUSES OF THIS POWER – victims of radicalised economic policies that are terrorising the poorest and middle classes, while advancing the wealthy.


I am a spiritual person but have become hostile and object to any prayers/karakia being said at anything to do with the ‘violence industry’.  Things have only got worse since these prayers began to be more widely used – you wouldn’t say them before a medical procedure or major operation and they are inappropriate in this context as well  (when ‘violent behaviour’ is approached from a health perspective as I do it).

 I apologise now if I cause offence, however people will have to accept what I am saying if ANY SERIOUS ACTION to stop the ‘violence industry’ is going to happen.

 Ceilia talked about the work she did directly with people and she did a great job, which is why she was loved by so many.  But we cannot leave this sort of care to chance, especially when through ACC law and professional health models (like Occupational Therapy) this care should be provided as of right, consistently and with well trained multi-disciplinary teams of health and welfare professionals.  Not multi-agency but multi-disciplinary teams, the haphazard unprofessional way we currently operate ends up with huge disparities in services throughout the country.  Many people instinctively know how to heal people and what they need, that is why my Mental Injury Services and Rehabilitation Model will fit with so many people reading this report.

 I was concerned with the implication that many abuse victims/violent people were doing some life-journey work and had to go through this themselves.  From my extensive study I believe it is not the severity of trauma a person experiences that causes them to become dysfunctional but the care they receive (or is omitted) after trauma.  We cannot change what happens to someone, we can provide a nurturing and safe environment after something happens.  When someone has been in a car accident we care for them, sew them back together, feed them, house them and allow THEIR OWN BODIES to repair – we need to apply this principle to mental injury.

 I read many news items etc on the violence industry and many commentators saying the issue is complicated and nobody really knows what to do.  THIS IS NOT TRUE, from my research we know what to do, we just choose not to do it, especially in regard to professional mental health care for abuse/trauma victims.  Mental Injury Services and Top Of the Cliff Fence are what ACC and others choose not to do.

 I was involved in the 10th Biannual Conference on Child Abuse around 2006 – that’s now 30 years of these gatherings, at a cost of how much?  Things are now worse, not better – they were arguing then about appauling lack of professional mental health services and adequate professional support.  Since then there have been more cuts, more inequality, more housing issues and more degrading welfare policies introduced – more severe stress and hence more violence (particularly sexual violence which I believe is 80% related to neglect not power).

 I was disturbed to see Duncan Garner involved in this group and the book launch.  He is someone I have been trying to get help from for years and been publicly abused degraded and discredited for it.  The way I approach violence is extremely challenging for people who are ignorant – if people had the extensive knowledge I did they wouldn’t act that way.  However society has become conditioned against violence due to extensive marketing campaigns like White Ribbon and Its Not OK (who have both censored my voice on social media).  Campaigns that put blame on those affected, rather than those who created this dysfunctional environment where 20% of the population suffer.

 CES’s Soul Work – Empowering Women

 I was disturbed by something that Ceilia said about not apologising for being middle class and educated.  Looking around the room the majority of people were like her – middle class and educated – many had been involved in the violence industry for many years.  All had seen violence statistics get worse and our societies mental health deteriorate – I don’t recall seeing anywhere how any of these people had taken to hunger strike in their cars outside Parliament in protest at the suffering and medical neglect they were witnessing (which of course they havn’t considered as I have.)

 It is one of the protest actions I imagine with cars lined up around Parliament, in them people on hunger strike against the appauling state of mental health services, particularly for abuse victims.  To imagine those cars full of people from this event taking a stand makes me cry as I am writing.  I imagine the daily speeches and workshops organised on the steps of parliament and beneath the Seddon statue, the local and international media lined up to speak to each of you about why you were there and what you knew.  I imagine the government and politicians being humiliated and disempowered by such a powerful direct action by academics, police, public servants and community leaders in the anti-violence industry.  I imagine this action – which would take no longer than a week to be successful – would not only change New Zealand’s response to violence and social issues but would also lead the world in this.  It would lead the world of academics and community leaders who deeply desire change but feel powerless in the face of dysfunctional ‘systems’ politicians and more to ACT.  I imagine disempowered abuse victims, those working in the violence industry and those begging for help coming from all over New Zealand to support this action, until thousands were gathered, all demanding WHAT IS RIGHT and ACTION.  Ahhhh I have a dream.

 Middle class educated people should apologise for who they are and that they are not doing EVERYTHING within their power to change what is going on in the world for traumatised people.  I am repeatedly arrested for my legal protests, repeatedly made to recount my trauma and have my traumatic stress disorder compounded by systems and people supposed to protect me both as a disabled vulnerable person and as an activist and Civil Society Actor (please refer to UN and google for definition).  I am poor with few academic qualifications, I am a frightened persecuted peasant of the lowest order – at the same time as I am well educated and empowered with truth and courage as my defences.

 In my solutions I am not asking that laws be changed and new science be adopted – although some may need to be (under urgency I would hope) – I am asking for laws and science to be adhered to.  For people with power to do what they say and people to be protected and cared for as they are supposed to be under ACC, health, disability, criminal, imperial, human rights and bill of rights laws. 

To get through this report I need to dream for a while and imagine how everything would happen if I could make this happen.  Firstly a plan of action which would include extensive training of those within the violence industry – some of whom would need to be removed due to personality disorders that would undermine and sabotage the new approach.  ACC would be at the forefront of rehabilitation for mentally injured abuse victims, they have the resources and infrastructure to do this.  Public mental health would work in conjunction with them to cover people mentally injured by other traumas, such as those in Christchurch after the earthquakes and those that witnessed violence but did not have it perpetrated against them.  They would also work in with mentally ill people and the challenges they pose.

 Media would be briefed and given extensive information to report, the community would be given hope and shown a plan that was real and had the backing of academics, community leaders, those who were experiencing violence and those who were perpetrating it.  The community would be educated about the part they would need to play in this, from one of hatred and fear to one of love and understanding.  I am reminded of the words in our National Anthem and my desire to be able to sing that song and mean/feel every word.

 I imagine six week ‘retreats’ being started all over New Zealand, every region to have these, so people are healed in their own community.  I imagine thousands of construction workers being moved off commercial projects on to building housing, in every community for every person who needed a safe home to live in.  I imagine these homes to be appropriate to the people who need them and designed in such a way to meet their needs both physically and socially.  They would also be as environmentally friendly as possible.

 I imagine asking not only government to provide money and resources but all charities within New Zealand to be focused on providing our most disadvantaged and unwell citizens their basic needs first and foremost – not sport, art or business – that would come later.

 I imagine a programme of free education for people wanting to work in this new era of health care for mentally injured and ill people.  Particularly the training of hundreds of Occupational Therapists, who I consider the most vital link in this rehabilitation process.

I imagine ACC buying properties throughout New Zealand to run these retreats as an investment in our own people rather than any other countries.  We must heal ourselves first before we can help others.  I imagine these places in the bush and beside the sea, around those places wealthy people already use to calm and care for themselves, such as Taupo. 

 Then I imagine the news headlines, the crime and violence statistics being slashed, the world recognition for our commitment to caring for people and the example we can set for other countries.  We are a small country it is easier for us because of our size to implement this.  Once it was successful then we could export those we have trained and healed to other parts of the world to facilitate change and peace in their countries.

 It makes you feel a little better when you can focus on your goal, especially one so grand and valuable to society.

 Now it is time to have a break my eyes are sore and go get some fresh air, be back soon, I am not stopping until this is finished today – you hear me Jayne, today 🙂


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