Blocked from emailing this complaint to Wairarapa DHB – is that legal?

29 March 2016


Chairman & Members

Wairarapa District Health Board

Masterton Hospital



Dear Sirs & Mesdames,

I have been watching with interest on social media a suicidal woman attempting to access mental health services in the Wairarapa and been horrified at the cruel irresponsible unprofessional negligent response from Andrew Curtis-Cody and his team.  Mostly the same people who have refused me services for years, those I have made repeated complaints about and been ignored, ridiculed and discredited.

You dragged me through court for legally protesting about these people and what is happening with Wairarapa mental health services under the direction of the New Zealand government and the many DHBs around our country.

This letter is to reiterate again you are breaking criminal laws with the way you reject people and do not provide services that are based on professional health and rehabilitation models.  You are killing people in this region, making them suffer unimaginable psychological torture and you are ignoring and condoning this appalling behaviour when you know what is going on.  Especially with regard to vulnerable traumatised women.

My own story has been ignored and rejected by the DHB for many years because they believe the current mentally disturbed Mr Curtis-Cody and those he controls.  I noted from a recent news item he is still ACTING MANAGER, after more than a decade, and still just A NURSE.  You choose to have someone in this role who is poorly qualified and mentally disturbed because he does what he is told and keeps costs down, this makes the DHB criminally liable. 

Mr Curtis-Cody is known in the community to be unprofessional, cruel, negligent and incompetent – he particularly despises women and people he cannot control, such as myself. 

I noted from a recent report Wairarapa has had the highest rate of female self-harm in New Zealand for the past three years.  It is a well known fact that where men will commit suicide, as several I know have in recent years, women will self-harm.  To be at the point of self-harming is dealing with the most unbearable psychological torture you can ever imagine (psychological torture is a crime under New Zealand law).  I self-harm, my doctor, ACC, mental health services, police and many others know this.  They refuse me all services, because the services they now provide are so degraded, drug based and unprofessional they say there is nothing they can do for me.  ACC also continue to refuse to reinstate my care.

I am left to be harmed in our cruel community, in unstable housing, poverty, subjected to ongoing crime and trauma – I am one of the poorest people in New Zealand, treated like human sewage as a disabled person and a criminal for legally fighting for my rights.

In 2009 after National became the government and John Judge was put in as Chair I had my professional care illegally withdrawn by ACC against the advice of all the health professionals I was working with – as I have told the DHB board members, management and many others previously.  At that time I was receiving a professional rehabilitation plan with a multi-disciplinary team of people.  I had a leading psychiatrist overseeing my care Dr Alan Doris (who I still have contact with and support from).  2 hours per week with an Occupational Therapist Glenda van der ven Long, 1 hour per week with a psychologist Christine Ridding, 3 hours per week with a mental health worker Donna, a supportive well-informed doctor, 6 hours per week at a community gym with supportive members who had been advised by my Occupational Therapist and monthly massages.

As part of the illegal withdrawal of care, knowing I was still unwell and would become highly suicidal with such action, ACC passed me over to Wairarapa mental health services.  Wairarapa mental health services told me on several occasions that there were no services in the Wairarapa and the only thing they had to offer was psychotropic medication.  Andrew Curtis-Cody and his team are well known for using medication as a form of abuse and way of keeping clients quiet and their jobs easy. 

They were well aware my ACC rehabilitation plan did not include medication purposely as I was a spiritualist, intelligent and well educated woman.  I refused medication as nobody could tell me the impact these medications would have on my ability to protect myself spiritually.  I refused medication on the grounds of religious and ethical belief, as I am entitled to under New Zealand law.  I have studied traumatic stress disorders extensively and know what is required to heal a person from these mental injuries – my website outlines the care people such as myself are supposed to be receiving but are not

So I went from a professional rehabilitation process supervised by a senior psychiatrist, provided by a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals and support in my community funded by ACC to nothing through the Wairarapa DHB mental health services.  Andrew Curtis-Cody, a nurse, decided that I would receive no services whatsoever.  The DHB and others know my story as I have made many complaints formal and informal.  Sadly the Health and Disability Commission and Human Rights Commission believe Mr Curtis-Cody and don’t believe Dr Alan Doris, Dr Justin Barry-Walshe and others.  I find this extremely disturbing but not surprising – given the level of corruption and psychological torture neo-liberal governments have been allowed to inflict on disabled poor New Zealanders with mental health issues.

The last time I was protesting at the hospital it was disturbing to see a woman yell with vehement hatred from a second story window at another listening to me. “Just ignore it.”  She then slammed the window and closed several blinds so she didn’t have to see my painting and sign about being a Worthless Suicidal Abuse Victim and please kill me.  This showed starkly how corrupt, ignorant, cruel and abusive DHB management and health staff are towards people who have mental health issues (especially those of us who suffer suicidality, which is the greatest hell on earth). 

I have compounding Complex PTSD which is very dangerous and life-threatening.  Mental health services and others are so corrupt they try and say I have a personality disorder, or PTSD with eating disorder.  This misdiagnosis is another form of discrimination and legitimises the criminal neglect and persecution I am subjected to in this community (I do have an Oxford dictionary from my time studying law, prior to being raped/traumatised and know the meaning of this word).  Many people here are purposely misdiagnosed as a way of denying them the health care they are entitled to.

Currently I am following legal channels to have the professional care I am entitled to under law provided and reinstated.  This also involves getting justice and compensation for the appalling unprofessional conduct I have been subjected to at the hands of incompetent health ‘professionals’ and those who employ them.

I am currently reading the 5th report by the Family Violence Death Review Committee, it is a sad and sober reminder of what I have been fighting for over more than a decade in this community.  Fighting for professional health care for abused men women and children, care they are entitled to under ACC, health, disability, criminal, imperial, human rights and bill of rights laws.  Being a United Nations Civil Society Actor in the area of mental health is indeed dangerous and yet vitally important work (very poorly paid as well) when our supposedly civil society has been taken over by corrupt neo-liberals.

While ACC, DHB and others refuse to provide me the care I am entitled to under law, so I can recover, return to work and live with dignity, I will continue to educate myself, make submissions, make complaints and protest.  I will continue to use my intellect and personal power through legal channels to force adherence to laws I have found that protect disabled people.

It is imperative there is an urgent inquiry into the appalling unprofessional state of mental health services in the Wairarapa in order to avoid more suffering and suicides.  It is imperative a hotline for people who are suffering and been denied services for years is set up to hear the horrendous stories of criminal neglect and drug abuse they have been subjected to.  It is imperative I am given the opportunity to speak at length with members of the DHB and executive staff – to recite them my poetry and sing them the songs I have written expressing the hell me and others have been subjected to.  It is imperative professional care is provided to me and many others and ACC are charged accordingly for the care they have supposed to provide to all abuse victims who develop stress disorders.

Mostly it is imperative that the DHB and others stop pretending this unprofessional medical neglect is not going on in the Wairarapa and extensive services are provided immediately to those who desperately need them.

 I look forward to your urgent reply, as one of the impairments related to my disability I am unable to open the majority of my mail, can you please send your reply in writing as well as have someone phone me 379 …. to explain some of what is in the letter, thank you.

 Yours sincerely



2 thoughts on “Blocked from emailing this complaint to Wairarapa DHB – is that legal?

  1. Rhys Evans

    I found this whilst googling how to complain against the same people you have complained against an enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine. I wondered if the suicidal girl you are talking about is my freind i am seeking so desperately to help. If you need an ally in organising protests or campaigns please email me on th above email. The mental health system is disgusting and is according to the united nations torturing my freind with seclusion (solitary confinement). by the sounds of things i will have a long road ahead of me and advice would be appreciated on how to deal with these thugs.

    I can give you more infomation through private email if you are interested.

    Yours sincerely

    Rhys Evans


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