NZ Universities teaching radicalised form of American capitalism!

Was studying economics 101 at Victoria University earlier this year and was horrified to see just how unethical and immoral the lecturers were, our universities are radicalising young people with a cruel immoral form of American neo-liberal capitalism.  Check out the textbook Principles of Economics – Global Edition – 11th edition.  by Karl Case, Ray Fair and Sharon Oster.

This was starkly shown in Salient’s 2 March 2015 edition with a letter to the editor.

“Dear Shitlient,

Congratulations and welcome to the new editor.  Do you still run letters? I’m asking because I completely lost interest in the Salient last year.  The editors were too busy voting for the Green Party and showing us pictures of their dicks to bother with actually editing anything.  I would call last year’s Salient a pandering leftist shitrag but it failed even at that; leaving my arsehole raw and print-stained.

All I ask is that this year’s publication spend a bit less time catering to the smug, quinoa munching, Fair Trade, yoga vegans that are so prolific at Kelburn campus and be bit more accommodating to us future office drones down at Pipitea (Business Faculty near Railway Station).  And if you can’t do that can you at least start printing Salient on softer paper; perhaps two-ply?

Yours sincerely
An Angry Arsehole

PS Is your dick bigger than Cam’s?
PPS I hear you still need writers, How much do you pay?


Subject: Letter to the editor
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2015 05:05:03 +1300

Dear Salient,

I read with concern the letter from the Angry Arsehole who admits to being turned into a drone for a cruel corrupt business elite that have been controlling our country since the 1980s.  Can’t say I’m surprised after my first economics lecture from some grumpy bastard who enjoyed bullying and humiliating people.

As the Dom Post are also controlled by these business interests I would suggest the arsehole read that right-wing shitrag – where media maggots and their blow fly editors manipulate and brainwash stupid people.  Thankfully those at Salient are intelligent free thinkers like myself and challenge what they know is fundamentally wrong and immoral.

I am both horrified by this Commerce drones comments and heartened by the fact those at Kelburn are in opposition to his type.

I’ve returned to study after several years, as I was unable to complete my Law degree following being raped and ACC etc refusing to provide the treatment support and rehab I am entitled to under law.  Sadly, law is out of my reach now due to memory issues as a result of the life-threatening stress disorder I have developed – following years of neglect and psychological torture  by health, welfare, justice agencies and a brainwashed ignorant community.

You’ll be seeing my chalking and hearing my poetry and songs around campus this year.

Yours sincerely
JR Murphy Poet

P.S. I am a writer and activist determined to stop this gross miscarriage of justice for all abused mentally injured people – I need no pay just a voice.

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