Arrested (sorry detained) by police again today outside supermarket – WTF

Get this phoned Stephen Joyce’s office about this new app to find out best job to get and I have decided on studying to be an ICT Business and Systems Analyst, high earnings, average education costs and high number of jobs.  Will help with my activism and have a couple of Victoria papers I can probably count towards the degree.  Only 3 years full time – hope I can do it.

Anyway, I got upset because of being unemployed so long and everything that is going on, but I did not say I was going to fkn kill myself.  This guy phoned police, who not long after phoned me and said they were on their way round – completely freaked out, took off in the car, ended up at the local park until I had calmed down.  I knew I had to go back and face the music but my first reaction was to run, all I could think of was what happened on Xmas Eve, and these guys were on their way to hurt me.  Plus another possible showdown with CATT team.

I was away about 45 mins, decided to go home and on the way saw the police car coming out of a nearby street, my street, I decided to go and get something from the supermarket.  They had seen me and followed me, the got me coming out, were waiting for me, I saw the car arrived.  This was in front of all the staff, people I know, people who already dislike me because I don’t work and am called Crazy Jayne.  It was so fucking humiliating – even though they were reasonably ok cops.  Didn’t like the older one, they wouldn’t let me get in my car and follow them to the police station, they made me get in their car, threatened handcuffs the wanker – told him be better fucking not in a quiet voice.

I noticed when I was in the car one of them had a tazer – this is really threatening shit – how the fuck did the system get so fucked.  I am reminded of the verse ITS ALL BULLSHIT, RUN BY COCK SUCKERS, BACKED UP BY SOME VERY STUPID MOTHER FUCKERS!

So ended up in Masterton, singing my heart out, Why Am I arrested, Human Sewage and some poetry, very loud, heaps of echo, a prisoner gave me shit because I was annoying him.  Told him tough fucking shit I’ll do whatever I fucking want while I’m in this fucking cell.  Was there about an hour I think, taken home the long way, had to stop at Carterton.  Was ticking and rocking backwards and forwards, crying for most of the way, my head down and hands over my ears.  I couldn’t look out the window on the way back, what if someone saw me.  This is bullshit and I am going to fucking change it.  Already left a message for Brent Register and put a comment on Wairarapa Police site, now I’ve written a song.

Have been asked to perform at a gig in Wellington in a couple of weeks and I needed a new song, something not quite so dark, this will be perfect as no instrument, just voice.

Stay Stay Away

There’s a cold stoney silence
As I stand at my grave
If only you had listened
If only you’d stayed away

But you jumped in your car
And you sped it this way
If only you had listened
Wouldn’t be singing this song today

(stay, stay away)

As I sat there and I waited
They could see the tears on my face
Of your time and my honour
It’s such as bloody waste

Cause you jumped in your car
And you sped it this way
If only you had listened
Wouldn’t be sitting in the cells today

There’s a cold stoney silence
As you drove me home today
Wish you were gone for good
With my life you would not play

You just jumped in your car
And you sped it away
To me you’ll finally listen
And away you then will stay

(stay, stay away)


Awesome – love it


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