The Kiwi Madonna

I saw the Kiwi Madonna
alking beside Wellington Harbour
She wore blue jeans
Her legs and hair were long
Her breath smelled of baking and Chanui
When she broke the rules big fish trembled
When she sung people shook
When she laughed everybody relaxed

 The Kiwi Madonna walked along the 1840s foreshore
And picked out her twelve disciples
One cleaned toilets at Parliament
Her hands scrubbed red for $14 an hour and a lifetime of debt
One was a sexually abused parent treated as worthless and bullied
One was a battered housewife they forced to take medication
Who then tried to hang herself in the garage
Another was a sad socialist
Trapped in the wreckage of his disabled body
Yes, and there were several more 

One was an ethical bishop
Going slowly mad in an affluent parish

The Kiwi Madonna said “Fellow man
From now on the sun will shine.”

She did no miracles
She played guitar sitting under Seddon

The first day she was arrested
For saying she had inadequate means of support
The second day she was assaulted by the cops
For telling ACC staff their house was not in order
The third day she was charged with being a wilful Kiwi
Stripped naked and locked in the cells
The fourth day they threatened to commit her
For telling the CATT team they were lying abusive mother fuckers
And could stick their medication where the sun don’t shine
The fifth day lasted 12 years
While she rotted in her Wairarapa asylum
Never out of the shit

The sixth day she told the forensic psychiatrist
I am a light in the darklands
I am who I am
The seventh day she was heard
The brain of God respected not medicated
On the eighth day the sun did rise
And it rose the day after that
God’s servant was alive not dead
Rescued from the darklands of New Zealand
Mountainous, mile-deep, civilized darklands
Found in this country from then until now

The end of ignorance
No more poverty, no more degradation, no more neglect
Nor gross inequality, gross injustice, disrespect


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