Vindicated by psychiatric report, proof of harm caused by ACC etc

Have read the assessment by psychiatrist and it vindicates everything I have said.  Now I have just got to get this report in front of the right people.  He says I have been significantly damaged by what ACC and mental health have done to me – and they are not getting away with it.

Police refused to accept my complaint yesterday so I am writing to Peter Marshall and asking him.  Officer reakoned it was only a criminal act when it was physical abuse – that isn’t what the report says.  He kept telling me it was a civil complaint – BULLSHIT, people are being harmed, that makes it criminal.

So can leave the ending I first wrote for The Kiwi Madonna poem and see how this all pans out.

At the moment WINZ, doctor and mental health services pretty keen to get me off their backs I reakon.  But all that care was supposed to be through mental health services/WINZ and because Justin Barry-Walsh has said my dysfunction is related to the rape then it is definitely ACC – therefore I am not entitled to any funding.

I’ll take whatever they offer me of course I don’t give a shit who funds it.


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