NZ Health & Disability Commission naive, ignorant & corrupt – HDC THREW ME IN A BIN


A stranger gave me flowers
As I sat crying on the floor
In the foyer of a building
Where I’d been shown the door

Been told to leave or else
The police they would be called
Been told in all complaints
There was no point at all

The brochures they produce
The Code of Claimants Rights
Did not apply to those abused
To me who knows to fight

They stood before me cold
No humanity did I see
Refused to tell me details
Said blame the process don’t blame me

I told them you havn’t heard
I must have explained it wrong
When will I get the opportunity
To speak, get justice, how long

A stranger gave me flowers
But no beauty do I see
I just see a token gesture
An extravagant waste of money

No matter how beautiful our country
If the laws they are ignored
If Commissions treat people with such disdain
Then everything is flawed

 A stranger gave me flowers
And I threw them in a bin –
Just like HDC threw me in a bin

I wrote part of this sitting in Wellington Railway Station.  I have chalked this poem outside the Health and Disability Commission a few times.  Check out my youtube video of being trespassed from their office – what cowards.  I am currently blocked from emailing them and phoning them, I have had numerous complaints refused, I have an advocate who fully supports me and can’t get me care but the Commission refuse to listen to her recommendations.  Corrupt!

Commissioner Michael Hill doesn’t know what is causing the huge increase in complaints about mental health professionals – I do – the people I complain about continue to abuse and harm the most vulnerable people in our communities.  Also I would suggest the 25% increase in complaints about doctors is to do with Paula Bennett and the national party bigots meeting with doctors and the medical council about getting people with long-term disability back to work – whether they are in pain or disabled or not.

These health services were given to us by far better men than those who currently run our country and I will fight with everything I have to ensure a cruel immoral neo-liberal political bigot doesn’t take them off me.  If neo-liberals don’t want abused people to get professional health care they are entitled to then they must change the law – abusing current loopholes in the law is disgusting.


One thought on “NZ Health & Disability Commission naive, ignorant & corrupt – HDC THREW ME IN A BIN

  1. Kar

    I agree with you. I was traumatised, victimised, and threated by a GP who eventually, with the help and community metal health staff, pushed me over the edge. I was refused medication, my physical health risks and pain were ignored. All I got was threats and discrimination.

    HDC and the Medical Council denied any wrongdoing.

    I saw your Youtube videos. That is what they do to people when they know they are wrong but are too gutless to admit fault. I think all of the people in these governments departments, HDC, Medical Council, as well as doctors, and mental health staff all view themselves as superior. I see much arrogance among them. This is not a biased view, I know a lot of them for a variety of reason – not just health related.

    Overseas there is a perception that New Zealanders are friendly and that New Zealand is a great country. Well I think people everywhere should know the truth. Those who train to care, protect, and save lives, don’t actually care how they treat us and God help anyone who should tell them they have done something wrong. Because they are incapable of fault aren’t they?


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