I have never lied on a WINZ form in my life however yesterday when I was at WINZ with my new counsellor in order to get any financial help with accessing health care I was forced to lie and tick the box that said my health issues were NOT covered by an ACC claim and yet as you know they are.Also can you explain why ACC have refused to reinstate my care from 2009 and yet WINZ are now offering me something almost equivalent?  Why are the New Zealand government refusing to provide the services I am entitled to under ACC law and yet now offering these services under WINZ/welfare.  Of course these new services won’t follow any health or rehabilitation model, just like ACC.

The PATHS nurse also told me to give up fighting ACC for care as it was a waste of time and energy and to just concentrate on getting back to work? What the hell is going on here?

This week my dysfunctional behaviour due to my stress disorder was the worst it has ever been.  Over 12 years (and particularly the past four years since ACC illegally dumped me) my mental health has deteriorated due to the appauling unprofessional care I have received/not received.  Now it is as bad as it is you have decided to help me and I don’t understand why you felt the need to degrade and psychologically torture me for this long, then turn around and tell me you are doing me some sort of favour.

I am now going to be getting $300 a week due to all the health services I am supposed to be accessing.  An extra $20 a week of course isn’t going to cover getting me to a mental health support services every day as it is $7 a day just to bus to Lower Hutt from Wainuiomata.  Assuming I am never going to be able to register my car ever again.

This week I received money on Tuesday instead of Wednesday from WINZ, I didn’t know this money was coming and when I checked my account to see if I could buy a loaf of bread there was money in there and I thought it was money from a court ordered compensation.  You know, from my daughter’s ex-boyfriend that I was forced to take in due to poverty – who became abusive, smashed up our house and tried to hang himself in our garage.

The same day I discovered my good friend (and one of my only friends) Ricky had suffered a stroke and was in hospital.  I stupidly used some of the money to put petrol in my car so I could visit him, I also visited my two kids in Wellington, which I have been unable to do I have been so poor.  Please explain why I can get money from WINZ to attend health services but I am unable to get enough money in my benefit to get support from my own friends and family?

Family….. not that I would EVER visit my family…. my family have told me I am a bludger who should just get over it.  I will never have a relationship with them until I am off welfare and have a job – that is how bad the government have made it for people who develop stress disorders.  Families split apart by the refusal of the NZ government to provide professional health services to abused people therefore leaving them rotting on welfare.  You people are sick.

I havn’t seen all of the latest report from the forensic psychiatrist but the last paragraph the lawyer showed me made a complete mockery of the violent behaviour aspects of my stress disorder and how years of degradation, neglect and psychological abuse by mental health and ACC had created huge phobias/overwhelming fear of mental health services/providers.

Still I am forced to get the support I need to interact with those people I have been treated so badly by through the courts – mental health services refuse to provide it – even though these services/supports are supposed to be provided under Human Rights and Health and Disability laws.

Why are the government manipulating health care like this – I don’t understand?  Why have you stopped me from getting the treatment care and rehabilitation I am entitled to under ACC law for 12 years as my mental health has continued to deteriorate yet now want me to feel grateful that I am receiving similar care under welfare?  You people are sick, putting health care under welfare – making it charity instead of professional health care that any person in this country would expect if suffering a serious injury and developing a life-threatening disorder.

We both know that the NGO system of delivering mental health services doesn’t work and creates violence, suicide and social problems – I saw the KPMG report!  I heard the man tell us in the UK this method of service delivery was dumped 15 years ago and his distress at the fact New Zealand continues to use it knowing how damaging it is to society?

I also know enough about psychology, my specific disorder and what I am entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human rights and bill of rights laws to know what the forensic psychiatrist said about me getting over it and accessing public mental health services is unprofessional deceitful rubbish.  Yet another mental health professional getting paid a HUGE amount of money screws me over to protect an abusive, unprofessional, discriminatory mental health system.

The reason of course mental health services are now so completely corrupt is the influence of 30 years of neo-liberal political theories being treated as if they are scientific fact.  This is how the New Zealand government managed to dump the majority of people out of mental health facilities since the 1980s and ended up with the many of these people in filling our jails, homeless on the streets.

It is like the life I have lived for the past 12 years and people I have spoken to about how bad mental health services are in my bid to get justice are just a big lie to you people.  I know what is going on here, I know I have been refused professional health care for years, I know there is something really corrupt going on in the area of mental health and welfare with abused and mentally ill people at the heart of it.

Again I am going to try and get a lawyer to get this gross miscarriage of justice addressed and get compensation for the years of pain and suffering you have put me through.   You people are sick and you will be exposed for what you have done to thousands of people in this hell hole country.

Also don’t think for one minute because you are providing services that I am going to stop protesting, getting arrested and highlighting the corruption abuse and gross negligence in mental health services.  I don’t understand you people, why do this to people, why not just get abused and mentally ill people the professional treatment care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under the law.  What you are currently doing is hurting and killing people, please explain what possible reason you would have?

I have my own theories about why you treat people so badly, but it is most interesting when discussing the abuse and health issues on twitter with ignorant bigoted rich right-wing bigots how they immediately call you insane when you disagree with them and tell you to ‘get help’.  Extreme right-wing people who of course believe that everybody should help themselves and the government should only be involved in supporting trade, sport and big business, not bludgers who need health care and welfare (those who could have a job tomorrow if they just weren’t so lazy, irrelevant of unemployment created by free-trade or any health issues).

I know what people are entitled to under law, I know stress disorders, I know people are not getting what they are legally entitled to and I fight for that because the current system is now so corrupt and abusive it is causing the unnecessary suffering and suicide of thousands of people.  The government obsession with the road toll is one example of the disturbing focus on a particular health issue that has really been dealt with as much as humanly possible – yet still we are continually bombarded with propaganda/marketing that tries to stop EVERY CAR ACCIDENT.  The road toll has been significantly reduced while the suicide toll continues to rise – when are the government going to start spending money on this issue?

I realise that many of you are ‘Christians’ (it makes me sick to my stomach to think what hypocrites you are) and I know Christians HATE and despise anybody who commits suicide as they are a sinner.  I can assure you people who commit suicide when the state of welfare, unemployment, bigotry against poor/disabled and health care is so bad/unprofessional are not sinners.  To be pushed to the point of suicide by society is no sin and I admire every person who commits suicide because I know what they have gone through and understand their overwhelming pain and disappointment in those around them.

A wealthy international businessman (who’s toilet I cleaned for a while) told me once that the trait New Zealanders are known for internationally is ‘lying to cover up their mistakes’ – interesting don’t you think.  Neo-liberalism, free trade, deregulation, cuts to welfare, ‘acceptable’ levels of unemployment, etc have been a miserable failure in this country for half of the population and still we continue to run our country in this way.  WHY?

I look forward to hearing from you and being told by WINZ that because my disorder is covered under ACC that all the support and health care I was offered yesterday will no longer be available and that I must go back to ACC and negotiate any care with them.  As you know I am still waiting for reinstatement of my entitlements from 2009 – entitlements that were based on providing treatment care and rehabilitation to a professional and recognised standard.  As you know I can’t get a lawyer to force ACC to do this, as you know there is no judicial enforcement of ACC disputes tribunal decisions and ACC are responsible for this – a violation of the principles of natural justice that is exploited by the government – you sickos.


This email was also sent to David Cunliffe, Judith Collins and every other political party

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