Comment about John Duncan Forensic Mental Health being a nice guy

I am sure he is for the person who wrote to me, but does that mean he is going to be good to everybody. ┬áHe didn’t listen to a thing I said. ┬áThis person getting help from John Duncan is also a man, women get treated very differently – I am a lot more hostile defensive and frightened of men – FOR GOOD REASON!

Our society has always persecuted the weakest and discredited intelligent and emotional women.

I have been abused by other mental health consumers when I have criticised servces because I wasn’t getting any and neither were a lot of suicidal and extremely dsyfunctional people I knew.

John Duncan was unprofessional and lied to the judge, he obviously has issues and does not know the law – that is not my fault and I will not stop fighting anybody in my way to get professional care and support services for abused, disabled and mentally ill people.



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