Two days of guerrilla activism in Wellington – JFK tribute

Check out the photos in my latest facebook album, around 40 photos, and a few on twitter @jrmurphypoet .

Thursday I saw a news event about presenting a petition to parliament calling for justice for sexual abuse victims.  I went to Wellington on the train and sang, talked to Jessie, she was really nice.  Was ignored by the media but had a great audience of intermediate kids on a school trip.  Just working through the video I took and will get them on utube soon.  Have watched them, they’re pretty amateur but raw and real and make the media and politicians look like elitist idiots.

Stephen Browning MP came over but he didn’t understand why I disliked the White Ribbon campaign so much.  One day I want an hour with these people, singing and reciting poetry, maybe then they will understand.  I have talked to him before when at the Occupy the Cenotaph camp earlier this year.  These people just don’t understand and I have to try and make them so people can get the help they need.

It is so sad all that media there and they didn’t take one shot of what I was doing or the reaction from the school group.  That’s why I wrote Journalists are Maggots of course.  The media and the politicians are part of the ‘abuse industry’ that is stopping people getting the treatment, care and rehabilitation they are entitled to under ACC, health, disability, human rights and bill of rights laws.

I was treated just as badly by ACC under Labour as National – the torture wheel.

Michelle and I have been discussing the legal ramifications of the ACC legislation requirement that people have appropriate accommodation.  I believe ACC should spend some of the $billions they have been investing in buy ‘rent-to-buy’ properties for people with disabilities, throughout the community (in the places where these injured people were living prior to their injury – within reason).  ACC are allowing disabled claimants houses fall down around them or force them into unstable, toxic, degrading housing conditions.  No person will heal in an environment like this – especially an abused person.  We mostly need a stable home, supportive community we know and they know us.  Successive governments have destroyed this.  They are supposed to provide this according to ACC law!

The passing of the bill to abolish state housing for life was the final straw, it is the governments job to provide this, that is my culture, this was illegally put through under urgency!!!!

FRIDAY the GUERRILLA POETS had decided was going to be a TRIBUTE TO the great sayings of JOHN F KENNEDY and his legendary speechwriter TED SORENSON.  Who are John Key’s speechwriters I wonder?

We also chalked support for OilFreeSeas protesters, Justice for Ashley Peacock and me (first time I’ve asked for justice for myself – felt weird), freedom for Chelsea Manning and those at Guatanamo Bay.  I chalked about revolution being inevitable if we keep treating people badly.  I can’t even imagine how many CCTVs I was on, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING, they can’t do anything about our protests – the streets are ours.  But oh boy it challenges them – kia kaha to us all.

The photos turned out great, check out my facebook page etc.  Getting lots of good feedback through twitter and facebook, share with your friends.  The Guerrilla Poets are going to get together on a regular basis and have tribute chalking missions.  Activism rocks if you’re doing it right.  We encourage other people to do what we do – make your voice heard, get news of your protests on the internet.

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