A Poem dedicated to Ashley Peacock HURRY MR OMBUDSMAN


Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Rescue me from this red tape war

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
I’m on my knees at heaven’s door

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
This war is such cruel hell

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
There is evil down this well

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Get me off this torture wheel

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
I just want to live and heal

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
This situation’s so NOT RIGHT

Please hurry Mr Ombudsman
Before these cruel bastards win the fight

Please hurry

Justice for Ashley Peacock


Based on a poem I wrote in 2011, the year I gave up on help from the Ombudsmen, might re-write it for Ashley, anyway I’m sure you get the futility of begging to this toothless organisation for help.  What is required here is a judicial review of the NGOs refusal to provide services or someone making a complaint of torture and abuse to the police.  If Ashley were in a rest home they wouldn’t allow him to be treated like this, what the fuck are the Ministry of Health doing or

What the fuck is his lawyer doing, Michael Bott was extremely rude when I tried to phone him yesterday.  Apparently he is so poor he can’t afford an answerphone services when he is in a meeting and has to act like a total dick to get rid of you.

Also Ashley could sue these services for mental harm as he now has PTSD after so much isolation.  Also like I keep saying, where the fuck is the Bill of Rights in all this – you are not allowed to torture people.  Isolation is a form of torture NOT A FORM OF FUCKING THERAPY!

Am thinking of starting a facebook page – JUSTICE FOR ASHLEY PEACOCK – get some people protesting outside the facility and maybe a group to go with me back to the Ministry of Health – where I am currently trespassed from and would definitely be arrested if I went there myself.  Could be a bit of fun with the police 🙂  But gotta be careful I don’t put my upcoming court appearance in jeopardy – OH WHAT THE HELL.

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