Didn’t have time to hear my case on Wednesday so I got up to mischief :-)

Outside ACC Aitken St


My case ended up not being heard – $35 to get to court and only $30 for food this week – oh how the torture wheel grinds your bones to make their bread.  I had to wait around from 10.30am until 2.15pm so thought I would make use of the trip and go chalking, singing and reciting poetry at my favourite places.  Almost ended up getting arrested outside ACC, got asked to tone it down at Parliament (the guy was so nice I couldn’t say no) – I just get so frustrated, I can’t yell at the person who is hurting me by keeping care from me so I am ‘compelled’ to yell at those people going in the building.  Maybe one of them is that person and can stop what is happening to me and thousands of abuse victims.

At ACC The Sheriff told me people felt threatened and intimidated – that is what they do to me so what do they expect.  They want me gone because they feel ashamed and guilty about what I am telling them – they don’t want to be told just how bad it is – and I don’t hold back on the truth.

Did heaps of chalking around the Supreme Court and found out later the judges were all there for some sort of meeting or case.

supreme court wgtn


Once I realised at 2.30 my case wouldn’t be heard I had two hours before the train, and as The Sheriff was such a wanker and almost arrested me I headed for Wellington Central Police station to chalk my feelings about his bullying and threatening behaviour.

I recorded him on my mobile phone, it was the only reason I wasn’t violently arrested – cause he really really wanted to.  Havn’t been able to upload the video with sound, will keep trying, it is a good example of how to stand up to the police – and when to backdown.

Dedicated to the Sheriff and all power crazed policemen

Dedicated to the Sheriff and all power crazed policemen

Got some video outside the Appeal Court just after the altercation with The Sheriff, where I’m really upset by the words on the window and just what a load of rubbish they are.  Makes me more determined to get going on these judicial reviews.

Had a brilliant day protesting, met some interesting people, got lots of support.

Oh yeah protested sung, recited poetry for about half an hour outside the District Court and chalked.  Security were all good, I know they believe in what I am doing but ‘they’ve got their jobs to do’ blah blah blah.  It is when the police, security and military stop supporting our cruel, deceitful, callous, elitist neo-liberal government that we will have justice for all people in this country.



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